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The Anshar Blessing (video) - what a wonderful feeling when invoked!

Updated: Jan 26

This is an energetic blessing which was given to me via my channeling of the Anshar people (who live in Inner Earth).

It is a simple phrase but it can provide anyone who uses it with powerful experiences! This amazing blessing energetically provides whatever your soul needs at that moment in time...and it is always beneficial in nature!

I hope you will give it a try...at least once...and then provide your experience in the comment section below...because I have been directed to continue to listen to the feedback and to fine-tune this blessing, if it will then help more souls.

Thank you for your listening! Blessings upon you all! Love, Losha.

Here is the link where I have summarized the Anshar Blessing in written form, if you would like to view it.


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