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Yes, Our Departed Pets Can Become Our Spirit guides!

It broke my heart when we decided it was time to let our beloved dog, Bobo, go. Other than my husband I probably spent more time with Bobo than any other being in my life. I gave him my heart and soul and he gave his own right back to me.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect my beloved departed Bobo to become my spirit guide!

The day after we said goodbye to Bobo, I felt very lost so I decided to see if I could connect with his spirit. I didn't expect much but as soon as I thought of his name to connect with him, I felt three gentle licks on my cheek. Now, Bobo never licked just to lick…he only licked someone when he was very happy or excited, so I knew that he was okay. He was still with me…that helped a lot.

What surprised me most was that after I made that connection with him, over the next few days I could feel him and what he was feeling, or thinking, very clearly. As an example, just a few days after his transition, I just couldn't take it and I allowed myself to cry. It quickly became wailing though and as soon as I began wailing I felt Bobo literally cringing! I could feel that it bothered him greatly that I was crying so hard over losing him. He didn't want me to think of him that way or feel about him that way, or to hurt so much. That really startled me, and it also helped me to temper my sadness, knowing how it upset him so.

One day soon after Bobo crossed over, I was feeling pretty depressed and I felt Bobo urging me to "move forward". He really was insistent…he was telling me to quit feeling sad about missing him…to quit feeling guilt and shame because I didn't do things quite right in my own mind regarding the last days of Bobo being with us…and to quit sitting around the house doing nothing!

Even after Bobo had helped me to begin moving forward again, he wasn't done…I was thinking about how much affection I loved giving Bobo throughout his life with me…but then I got a strange feeling that I was not remembering correctly…after thinking about it further, I realized that I actually did not give Bobo as much affection as I thought I had. Then that realization caused me to "remember" intuitively that I truly had not been very affectionate, in general, throughout my entire lifetime.

Now, that was an eye-opener! I had always thought of myself as being very affectionate…with animals and friends and family…but when I truly looked back, I could see my perspective of myself in this area was truly skewed. I have since tried to work through this issue that I believe began in my younger days.

This issue of affection also brought up a larger question for me…how many other areas do I "see" myself in such a way that aren't accurately reflected in my daily life?

I am amazed I received all of these wonderful insights because of my dog, Bobo, guiding me…what a blessing!

When I was relating all of this to a friend, he suggested that I write a post about it…to help others understand that our beloved departed pets can truly become our guides from the other side.

So, over the last three weeks I have had many connections and felt many emotions from Bobo as I go through my day, especially when it has to do with me continuing to try to move forward without him. I am even truly convinced that most of Bobo's urging for me to move forward, were so that I would, in fact, write this very post.

One thing I wanted to write about and get across, is that, in all the channelings that I have done with animals, dogs, cats and even squirrels…I didn't truly comprehend before this new interaction with Bobo, the immense depth of their spirituality, and how much of a guiding light they can become for us. It just blows my mind. I am sorry beautiful ones, for not perceiving your authentic and compassionate souls in the past!

Now that Bobo has crossed over and I'm able to connect with him almost more clearly now than when he was with me physically, I can't believe what a powerful being he has become, at least for me. It's like he just tossed off all of his physical frailties, issues and challenges that he was given in this lifetime, just like we all have here in this world. It's like he's become completely whole now…and it didn't take him very long! It's just amazing to me…and I've been so blessed that he is helping me to continue to move forward in such a direct and spiritual way. I never expected it, but I am certainly happy that it is so!

Blessings upon you all!


Image above is our beloved Bobo.

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Danielle Martin
Danielle Martin
Mar 30, 2023

I had a similar experience when my dog passed on. I felt his presence around me on my bed n even felt him laying against my legs the following days😔 I tried not to cry so much as I didn't want him to linger in the astral. Instead I told him again n again to go with Source Creator, or back to his home planet🙏 A week or so after I knew he listened to me. I felt a sense of relief. Same scenario with my dad who passed this month🙏

Apr 02, 2023
Replying to

Danielle...thank you for sharing your beautiful story about your connection with your beloved dog.

I send you Love and Healing for you and your Dad, also. 💜


Amparo Alvarez
Amparo Alvarez
Mar 27, 2023

Thank you Losha for sharing your experience...I am learning to be more loving with animals, especially cats since I have three now and they are little by little responding to my love...They are my son's...I was just thinking yesterday how grateful I am they are helping me to be more loving and affectionate...It is a relief knowing they are well when the cross over, and it is us that are kind of limited in this understanding and tend to be so sad when in fact we should be happy they are in their whole Beingness...The connection is never broken and that is sublime...Much Love to you and to Bobo...

Mar 28, 2023
Replying to

Dear captured your feelings beautifully! Thank you for sharing them.

It amazes me how our pets can teach us some really authentic lessons about life.

Truthfully, I go back and forth regarding Bobo's transition. One moment I am pretty sad, then I remember how happy he is . So, I am trying to have the happy moments outnumber the sad ones. 🥰

Blessings upon you, Amparo! Losha.

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