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My Health Journey...

January 3, 2022

My Recent Health Journey…

I thought since I have shared some of my earlier emotional healing experiences with you, that I will go ahead and also share some of my recent physical and spiritual experiences, with the hope that it might be helpful to others.

First, I would like to apologize for my absence and for the absence of my channeled messages. I have been on a healing journey for my health…both physical and spiritual. Thank you.

So, I sustained a brain injury in 2002 which resulted in a myriad of daily challenges and symptoms for me. Now, I am much better since the day of the accident, however I still have a few chronic issues which I have been continuing to try to resolve.

While I was researching various treatments/supplements for my brain injury symptoms, I came upon a very interesting supplement…it is a very specific probiotic called L-Reuteri (which includes several different strains).

I will put a link below with more details about it, but suffice it to say, it has been a very welcome addition to my daily supplements!

L-Reuteri seems to be helpful to us in many ways…first and foremost, it appears to help with mental disorders such as Autism, Bi-Polar, Depression, etc.

I have struggled with depression off and on myself, and I believe mental disorders are genetic in my family, so this probiotic truly caught my eye.

Besides occasional bouts of depression, my biggest issue was my extreme irritability…oh, let’s just call it what it is…anger. This is difficult for me to acknowledge to myself let alone write about it for others to read…but I cannot fix it unless I acknowledge it first, right?

I have been greatly challenged with temper outbursts primarily when interacting with my two dogs. I love my dogs so very much, and it hurts me greatly when I react towards them out of anger (their deeds are never truly bad enough to get very angry about…my angry reactions are always greatly out of proportion…I can at least see that much).

Now, I know that my body has problems absorbing all nutrients properly since my brain injury so I have been on the hunt to determine if I am possibly missing some critical vitamins and/or minerals which are exacerbating my bouts of anger. I have already cleaned up my diet quite a bit, so I don’t think that is the issue.

Well, one of the big benefits that this L-Reuteri probiotic produces is it increases our Oxytocin, which some call the “feel good” hormone…it helps us to feel more connected with others, and in general, calmer and happier. Well, I am pleased to say that even though I am in the beginning stages of taking it, the L-Reuteri has already helped me to feel less irritable/angry. In fact, the first day I went a little crazy and took three doses (because I was so desperate to quit feeling irritable)!...and wow, did I feel “just wonderful” that evening! LOL! I felt so relaxed and kind of “high”...a wonderful kind of high, that is! Since that time, I have been feeling much more balanced with my emotions, and my beloved dogs have greatly benefited from it, also! I hope these calmer feelings continue!

So, now that I am feeling calmer and able to focus better, I am noticing some wonderful spiritual happenings, also. I know the new supplement I am taking is most likely assisting in this process too, however just recently, I was attempting to learn a new method of exercise and I was doing terribly at performing it, and just as my self-talk was beginning to lecture me about how terrible I was at “doing anything” (exaggeration!), I believe it was my Higher Self which stepped in, and said to me “I am only just beginning this new exercise…if I keep at it diligently, I will eventually be able to accomplish it with no problems!” Then I “saw” myself in my mind’s eye after I had become an expert at the exercise method, and I looked very fit and happy! That moment of becoming aware that I was headed for that negative self-talk was a big moment for me…and I have noticed a couple smaller examples since that time, which pleases me greatly!

On another note regarding health disorders, a good friend of mine mentioned that she just found out that she had a genetic blood disorder, and she wondered if I might want to look into it for myself, because my symptoms were similar.

Well, it is called Pyroluria (there are other names for it too)...and it is basically something inside about 10% (possibly higher) of the population, whereby we are unable to process Vitamin B6 and Zinc, specifically (link below).

If you research the symptoms of being deficient in B6 and Zinc, the symptoms are many, and very diverse! I have not been tested for this disorder, however I do experience many of the symptoms addressed, including some rather strange ones…such as my having more productive energy in the evening than any other time of the day. I never understood that one!

So, since I have never minded being “the guinea pig”, I have begun taking small doses of B6 and Zinc, and I have noticed an improvement in some of my symptoms. I need to proceed very cautiously however, because I am extremely sensitive to all chemicals, medications, etc…which, interestingly, is also one of the symptoms of Pyroluria! I used to think I was the only super sensitive one…lol.

One other item I want to mention. Now, I can’t find any studies or articles to back up what I am going to say here, however a little more than a month ago I began eating much smaller “portions” of my meals because I read that it might help a digestive issue I have.

In the beginning, it was hard for me to eat such small portions…because I was used to just eating and eating…not really paying attention to how much I was eating. It was hard psychologically for me to “cut back”…but, as I found that my stomach felt much better after eating this way (less feelings of extreme fullness, bloating/gas), it became worth it for me to keep doing it.

But the surprising thing to me was that I began noticing that the very chronic vice-like pressure in my head, which I have had on a daily basis since the brain injury, has almost completely disappeared! Boy, was I surprised! I hadn’t expected that at all. When I thought about it more though, and relying on the knowledge I have gained from my local naturopath, I think it has to do with decreasing inflammation in the body, no matter where it is located…and I am sure that my headaches were a form of extreme inflammation.

So, there you have it…all I did was cut my portion sizes way down (by a ½ or more), and it has resolved my headaches and helped me to lose weight and inches. I also found that I can eat less quantity because I decided to try and eat more slowly now. Apparently, it takes 20 minutes for our stomachs to realize it is full…so if I can stretch out my eating time, then I also eat less! I find it to be a win-win.

Well, I hope I didn’t put anyone to sleep with my long-winded health update! I thank all who are taking the time to read it. I will attach several links below for the various topics mentioned above in case anyone is interested. I also encourage you to research these topics more in depth on your own if you are interested.

I wish you all good health...emotionally, spiritually, and physically...and may this Beautiful New 2022, bring each of you Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Love, Losha.


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