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Losha - her Personal Healing Session re. Disneyland/Past Lives' Experiences

First...a WARNING! There are a few moments in this recording where some VERY GRAPHIC descriptions occur. If you are already familiar with the details surrounding the children who have been horribly mistreated by the cabal, then you will probably be able to listen to this recording. Either way, please be forewarned. Thank you.

As I say in the beginning of this recording, I have been feeling much internal pressure to investigate further my recent "memories" of being at Disneyland as a child.

I was also guided to uncover what happened to me as a child in one of my past lives. I have known that I was one of "the children" who were mistreated in earlier lives, so I believed it was necessary for me to try to begin processing this new information.

I am sharing it here on my website primarily because I am being guided to do so, and also because I hope that it might somehow be a help to others...not that you have had the exact same type of experiences as one of these children, but as a person with fleeting memories of earlier situations and actions which you might now be questioning.

You don't have to go through it alone, though...there are many wonderful souls who are "healers" who can help you to work through it all.

Well, if you choose to listen to this healing session, then I thank you, and I send you all Love and Protection!

Love, Losha.

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