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This Anshar "Blessing" (text) will make you feel amazing!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

The Anshar “Blessing”

(Note: If you would like to just learn how to invoke this Anshar Blessing and skip the background information, you can go to the end of this post, where I summarize “The Wave” Blessing protocol)

I have channeled many different beings throughout my lifetime...including galactics, departed spirits, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and even Mother/Father God. In most cases, I have received the information “auditorily” (via words in my mind).

Recently, however, I began receiving flashes of information, and insights. It was different for me, but interesting. So, I endeavored to make a connection with whomever was providing me with these insightful moments.

I found out that her name is A’Shar-ae, and she is part of the race of people called the Anshar, and they live in what is called Inner Earth (there are multitudes of galactic and human races living below the Earth’s crust...however, that is a discussion for another time!). There have been a few other people who have communicated with the Anshar, and Corey Goode, who has had, based upon my knowledge of the subject, the most contact with the Anshar beings (including physical contact with them), has had an artist render an image of them. I will provide it here if I receive permission from Corey.

So, after I established a good connection with A’Shar-ae, she began to pass on a lot of “information” to me. The most noteworthy information that I received from A’Shar-ae so far, was in the form of an “energetic blessing”...or, at least that is what I call it.

The Anshar actually call it a “Transforming Energy Wave”, and A’Shar-ae let me know that the Anshar people wanted me to fine tune it a bit, and then send it “out to the world”...our world, here on Earth.

Let me first say this about The is a powerful energy! The Anshar believe that if it can be shared with “the many” here on Earth, it can assist all who use it in keeping their energetic vibration high, and that is very important right now, as we are all challenged with living in a tumultuous world right now.

I have experimented with using The Wave” for a while now...and let me tell you, it is an amazing experience! Additionally, each time one “invokes” The Wave, one can experience different feelings and emotions from it. I will keep the specifics about what I experienced to myself because I don’t want to create any “preconceived” ideas about what others should expect will happen for them.

My understanding from the Anshar about The Wave’s use, is that it is meant to be experimented with, and it is unique for each person who invokes it, so don’t be afraid to put your own signature on it!

It is my hope that those of you who do try it will then provide your experiences as feedback in the comment section, here. I believe that I am to, with A’Shar-ae’s help, continue to “fine-tune” The Wave, if need be, so any comments are most welcomed!

Well, I hope this Anshar Blessing finds you all well, and ready to keep evolving and raising your vibration, so we can together on Earth co-create a wonderful, compassionate, and harmonious world! I do believe we are getting much closer to seeing a most wondrous and exciting world! It is also my hope that this beloved Anshar Blessing will assist you in feeling peaceful and loving, as we head toward that better place.

Blessings upon you all! Love, Losha.

“The Wave” Blessing Protocol

(“Transforming Energy Wave”)

You say:

“Receive The Wave”

The Wave will then provide:

~ Healing - wherever it is needed most at the moment

~ Higher Vibration - lifting your vibrational frequency

~ Unconditional Love!

~ Specific to you - anything The Wave determines your body or soul needs at the moment

You can receive The Wave for as long as you desire, and as often as you desire...there is no limit to its use. You can also use it in modified forms if you choose. The Wave is meant to be unique for each user!

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Dec 30, 2020

I am so glad you discovered the Anshar's "blessing"! Yes, it is pure Love and more! Enjoy using it! Losha.


I always do my best to be & remain conscious, of being in the wave (quantum field). To stay awake & lucid. To stay focused on the NOW instead of future or past. The wave is tuning into the NOW flow, (receiving & offering of our contribution to the whole).


Hi Losha,

I just came to this post! When I say "receive the wave" I feel a burst of energy in my heart and the insight that love frequencies are always alive in space and maybe we can choose to tune into them as it is the case when saying and intending to "receive the wave". I also loved knowing about this family of light in the inner Earth. Blessings and thank you for your sharings, Maria


I agree. Think about it, when you hurt someone else, you're really just hurting another aspect of yourself and the only way somebody will hurt themselves is if they feel pain inside.

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