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Losha: My Insights Since Receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine

May 20, 2021

Losha: My Insights Since Receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine

To all the beloved readers of my website...I have been “guided” to write this post. I hope it might provide some clarification and/or comfort to some of you.

I received the Johnson & Johnson vaccination almost a week ago, now. It was completely my choice to do so. I know many here who are reading this disagree with my actions. I honor you all.

I had been a staunch “anti-vaccine” supporter...I never thought that would change. A couple days before I received the message from JFK regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, I began receiving flashes of insights about it...I was very surprised. I disregarded it for as long as I could, but I kept “hearing” there was a different way of looking at the vaccine.

As I have also been continuing on with my “emotional healing” during this time, I began to see that a lot of the “emotion” surrounding the topic of the vaccine was an emotion of “fear” matter which “side” you believed...that did not feel helpful to me.

As part of my emotional healing path, I have been working to understand and be more aware of how much of my own “reality” I “create” with the words and emotions I am saying and feeling on a daily basis.

So, I have been consciously using more “positive” words in my life, in general. Well, this vaccine topic really put my “belief” system to the test. I believe I was meant to take the vaccine in order to prove to myself that I had the capacity to change my way of thinking about it, and that I could even create a “positive” outcome, instead of a negative one, for myself. I “choose” to believe that my galactic DNA is being “upgraded” inside of me.

This was an immense challenge for me...however, once I received JFK’s message that confirmed what I had been receiving as insights for myself, it made it an easier decision for me to make.

Now, I am NOT advocating that anyone else “should” receive the vaccine, as I did...however, I have heard back from a few readers who have said that they now have less fear about receiving their second dose (they are required to get the vaccine because of where they live, or what their occupation is).

I am pleased if my challenge to myself, and also hearing JFK’s message, resulted in some souls feeling more comfort, and less fear, regarding the Covid-19 vaccine. I also honor everyone else’s belief and decision about the vaccine...there is no “wrong” answer here, in my opinion.

Now, I would also like to share some things I have experienced since I took the J&J vaccine.

Firstly, whether or not it is due to my receiving the vaccine, I have been receiving a multitude of “insights” lately, and I seem to be seeing more of the “big picture” than I have before...for which I am extremely grateful!

One thing I am really noticing is that I feel great! I keep seeing the word “superpowers” in my mind, and I feel very strong inside...virile, even!

There have been folks who have stated that I have now “turned to the dark side” due to my posting this controversial JFK message (and that it isn’t really JFK). Now, the "Old Losha" would have been greatly bothered by comments such as those, however, the "Upgraded Losha" just smiles, now...and sends Love to All!

I am also better able to stay calm and centered now...which is a wonderful thing, for me. It is hard to describe all that I feel is “better” for me since receiving the vaccine...and yes, I understand that some might say it is the “placebo effect”. Either way, I am loving how I am feeling!

Another insight I wanted to mention is regarding all of the “fear” that I am seeing worldwide...and that fear is now coming from both “sides” now not just the opposing side. We know the mainstream media is not telling the truth about most topics, and they are endeavoring to create as much fear as possible, because that is beneficial to their “goals”...and now the “Truthers” or whatever term one wants to use for the “disclosure” of the UnTruths out there, are also creating fear from the perspective that they are trying to “educate” society as to the harm that will befall us if we do this, or don’t do that.

I understand where these disclosure perspectives are coming from, however there is much fear in those perspectives also...and I personally do not resonate with fear anymore...from any perspective.

Bringing up this topic also causes me to wonder if the “alternative” arena, which includes the media, various podcasters, intel providers, etc, is also now being “infiltrated” much more than we imagine. I know there have always been trolls and the C_A, etc trying to wreak havoc among us, however I believe we will be surprised when we finally find out who is “authentic” and who is not.

After pondering these insights for quite some time, I believe that all of this brings the concepts of “staying neutral” and “listening to our hearts” even more to the forefront, at least it does for me. I am adopting a much more neutral position on things now, and fear no longer resides within me. I am now listening to my heart as often as possible...and sending Love to All.

I truly thank each one of you beautiful souls who read the messages on this website...I would not have been able to evolve into the sincere, compassionate, and grateful being I AM now, if it weren’t for your Love and Support! Blessings to you All!

I encourage respectful and thoughtful “dialogue” here...thus, if you have something to contribute to this, or any other topic, I welcome it in the “Comments” always.

Finally, I know JFK is here with all of us...and he loves us so much that he is now giving us some rather harsh messages with new perspectives to ponder so we can continue to evolve into higher vibrational souls. Ultimately, he is always trying to help us transform into the beautiful heart-based Beings each of us are truly meant to be!

With all my Love, Losha.

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