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We're at the End of Our Shadowy Times!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

November 23, 2020

The Ten Percent Solution - In Reverse!

As I am watching all of the legal challenges concerning the 2020 Presidential election, the “voice wars” among those in social media, and the ever-present angst in the pit of my stomach...I am reminded of a very ominous episode of MacGyver, back in 1989, entitled the "Ten Percent Solution".

In it, the Neo-Nazi’s who were entrenched in the United States at the time, had a plan to take over five U.S. states (10% of the country), so they could begin to implement their tyrannical doctrines throughout the United States. Their plan was a long-term plan...taking over twenty years to achieve...but they were content to be very patient, as long as they knew their beliefs and laws would eventually make up the majority.

This episode gave me the amazed me how easily they were able to “infiltrate” a multitude of counties and states...winning one small election here, and one larger victory, there. It all added up to become a silent “takeover”...where the people would no longer have “choice” in their lives...everything would be “dictated” to them. Life would become an endless list of “do’s and do not’s”...with more “do not’s” than “do’s”.

Does any of this sound familiar? When I realized that our current situation involving restrictions surrounding Covid-19, where laws could seemingly be ignored regarding our sacred Presidential election, and where communities could become so divided as to lash out at each other, I got the chills again...and not the good kind of chills...these were scary chills.

It dawned on me that at least for the last twenty years (and probably a lot longer), “We the People” have been “infiltrated” those at the very top. We have called them the “1%’ers” at times, but in this case, with all of their minions below them to carry out their orders, I will call them the “10%’ers”.

Just as the Nazi’s did in the MacGyver episode, the elites at the top (cabal) have slowly, very slowly, infiltrated our counties, states, and federal government, until they had the “majority” under their deceitful dictatorship, and most of the time they used blackmail and bribery to achieve their goals.

Thus, "We the People" never saw it happening...they were patient and methodical with their infiltration. It is only now, after a minimum of twenty years, that many of us, We the People, are waking up and seeing all of the destruction, poverty, racism, and depression they have unleashed among us...and it has negatively affected every color and station of person, across the United States.

Now, we are currently in a fight for our very lives, as the ones among We the People who have awakened, are endeavoring to find their voices, and to say “No more!” more division to be falsely created among us, no more economic games being played with our money, and especially no more taking of our children for their nefarious purposes.

Thus, for the last twenty years or so, the elites who have tried to dictate our lives to us have been the 10%’ers...but guess what? The tide is now turning...and the ones who are now awake and making their voices heard above the “mainstream” din, are NOW the New 10%’ers! WE have reversed their “infiltrated” mindset! We are now infiltrating their agendas and manipulative beliefs!

Those of us who are finding our minds becoming clearer because we have quit watching tv and anything considered “mainstream”, who are trying hard to find a multitude of ways to bring the Truth out into the Light instead of letting it stay hidden in the Dark corners of our society...those are the “We the People” who for now are the small, 10% minority, but we are growing daily, and waking up daily, and we have the tenacity and courage to ensure that the Old 10%’ers, will Be No More!

Our We the People’s victory will take time...however, like the Old 10%’ers, we have been, and will be very patient, and ensure that we continue to gain the small victories each day, and work hard over time to also achieve the larger, more important and life-changing victories for all of us...and then, we will have our “choice” back, and our very-important lives, will become sovereign, small step at a time.

Where We Go One, We Go All!

(Image for post is from the MacGyver episode, each "flag" denoting a "win" for the Nazi's...and their "ten percent solution")

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I really enjoyed your short essay here... it was very well said and written, and I'm so glad

that more and more of us are uniting in these kinds of perceptions, every day. And I am really enjoying your work with the former JFK... still a part of who he is, of course!

I was very glad to have read the interesting and confirmatory message of today about the

Covid vaccines... Jack was brave, as were you, to post it to us. You see, actually... I

have already heard it from someone else I know and respect that is alive and on earth now.

I have had a hard time accepting that premise, because of feeling so much of the…


Nov 26, 2020

Deborah...great memes! Love all of them, but especially the one with JFK and John, Jr!

You definitely are a Q follower! Me too!


Thanks for your contribution to the discussion, Deborah! Losha.


WWG1WGA ❤️🇺🇸🙏

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