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Silesha: New "I Let Go Now" Spiritual Rite and Mantra - for Healing and Upliftment

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Silesha says:

I recently answered a question regarding how to heal from traumatic events in one’s life, and I described a new spiritual rite that could be performed for it…and I felt it was important enough to expound upon it in a separate post, so all may read and benefit from it.

Losha has experimented with the rite as I described it earlier (it will be posted soon as part of Podcast #2) since she received it from me, and she felt that it was very powerful indeed.

I will repeat the rite here, but with a bit more detail, so that it is more completely understood. It does not take very long to do either, which is a bonus!

One thing I would like to say is this spiritual rite is not just to help with trauma in one’s life…it can also be used for times when you're feeling very stressed, or are having negative thoughts in your mind, or just when you would like a pick-me-up, because, you will find that this rite, and included mantra, has an inherent ability to make you feel wonderful!

Now, let me begin…

Step 1: Become Quiet Inside

First, you will start in a way many spiritual practices start…becoming quiet inside, and your body feeling comfortable, in whatever position you feel best.

Step 2: Take Relaxing Breaths

Next, just begin taking nice, deep breaths…not too deep, just relaxing breaths.

Whenever you feel very relaxed, you might begin to notice what I call a “whooshing” sound, or a feeling of energy running through you like a beautiful stream.

At that time, your own Consciousness will be connecting with Universal Consciousness, which is very powerful, indeed!

Step 3: Focus on the Healing Event & Say "I Let Go Now"

At such time when you feel “connected”, you can then focus on whichever “event” in your life you would like to begin healing…or letting go of.

Just think of the event…you do not have to bring up all of the emotions associated with it, just focus on it with your mind.

After you have focused on your particular event, say to yourself or out loud, “I Let Go Now”.

Saying these very important words to yourself and the Universe may bring emotions and tears…that is okay. Just let yourself experience them…don’t rush this process. You are cleansing yourself at this time.

Once you have released all that you are feeling in the moment, there is one more step to do…a very important one…

Step 4: Fill the Void with Unconditional Love

Due to all the cleansing you have done by letting go of your challenging event, you create a void in your body and soul, where all of your emotions about this event were stored.

Now, we want to fill up that void with Love! I want you to breathe in deeply, and allow the Unconditional Love, which is always available to you, to fill you up!

I promise you that you will feel so Loved that you might cry a bit, as Losha always does…because you beloved humans are not used to feeling Unconditional Love, from any other humans. However, it is always waiting for you to “breathe it in”!..and it is very powerful! This is the last step of this rite.

Step 5: The Short-Cut

One last comment about this rite…it can also be used, in an even more abbreviated way, by just repeating the mantra included…

I Let Go Now…

I Let Go Now…

I Let Go Now…

It is powerful in its own right.

The Benefits

I hope you will experiment with it, and even make the steps your own, in whatever way works for you…and I would encourage you to perform this rite often…as it will accumulate the benefits you will derive from it.

When Losha was experimenting with it, she noticed that when she “got lazy” and didn’t do all of the breathing and such, that she still experienced very powerful feelings from just saying “I Let Go Now”.

What she realized was that whatever she was feeling inside at the moment…be it stress, negative thoughts, or just feeling down, she was immediately uplifted…she felt released from those troubling emotions inside (that she didn’t even realize she was feeling), and she was also filled with Unconditional Love!

There is no better way to feel than that, is there not, dear ones?

I truly hope that you find comfort and benefit from this new spiritual technique, and that you feel Unconditional Love…always.

Your 12th dimensional guide…Silesha.

Channeled by Losha.

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1 Comment

When I first heard about Silesha, I had an idea that an entity from such a dimension might be wise, but far removed from our daily human struggles, and well—“other-worldly.” I was wrong. Thank you, Silesia and Losha for passing on such simple, yet powerful, advice!

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