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A Message from Silesha! (12th Dimensional Being)

October 20, 2022

A Message from Silesha

A very warm welcome to all of you. You may not know me so let me introduce myself to you.

As my friend and channeler here, whose name is Losha, has been working on her own health and emotional issues over the last few months, I determined that it was the appropriate time to introduce myself to her.

She was a bit unbelieving in the beginning when she learned that I am speaking to her from the 12th Dimension, however, she quickly felt my high level energy of Unconditional Love (she calls it her Bliss Event!), and she was convinced that I was in fact here to speak with her, and truly from the 12th Dimension.

I am here to work with Losha in a variety of ways, most primary being a “book” of sorts, containing Q&As regarding some of Losha’s life events, and also including more general questions about all of your lives there on Earth. It is my hope, and Losha’s, that these Q&As will provide a more spiritual perspective to a diverse set of topics that are often discussed and challenging to many, in daily life. We hope that they will help to promote more in-depth thinking about one’s own life events and how they might be addressed from a more spiritual perspective. We are working together on this project as we speak. We hope you will find it enlightening.

In the interim, we thought it might be helpful to those reading this for me to provide my own thoughts about some of the goings-on in your world, right now.

I see everything that is happening from a much wider lens, so to speak, so I will not be getting into the details very much.

As many of you who are regulars on Losha’s website know, there is a much bigger reason for all of the anarchy and chaos which prevails in your world, right now. On the biggest scale it is about Ascension…that which each human is striving to achieve, whether they realize it or not. Even the most appalling human there has a soul which knows of Ascension…they are just too caught up in their dreadful personality, to allow their true soul to come through. Yes, they will receive their just punishment for their deeds, however, it will also be deemed from much higher up, whether or not they can indeed still be saved from being “repurposed” by the Central Sun…at which time, their soul is no more. There are relatively few souls who end up in this situation, as Source endeavors unfailingly to try and share the Light with each one.

Now, as for all the other mass population who are not awake yet to the subject of Ascension and all it entails, they are still working it out inside their own hearts. Even though you may know many people who seem to be staunchly set in their ways of listening to the wrong sources of information on the outside, I can tell you that they are struggling mightily to understand and assimilate all of the information that they have heard from you and many other, alternative sources, on the inside.

This may truly surprise many of you to read, however, I assure you that it is true. If you asked them about it they would probably deny it, and that is because this effort to process and understand this differing information is going on at a subconscious level within them…it is not a conscious one.

This is all a good thing though…some of those who are struggling with these “other Truths” so mightily around you, will become our most ardent “teachers” of the Truth, in the future. Not all of them of course, however, the large number who will still awaken to the Truth, will surprise you. As I say, this is a good thing!

Well, now you have a little taste of the type of messages I will be providing to any who choose to listen. I will always tell the Truth. It might be uncomfortable to hear for some, but it will also be a relief for, and bring joy to, others. I speak to All.

I leave you with Love and Light,


Channeled by Losha.

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Hello Losha,

Thank you and looking forward to hearing more from Silesha.




Thank you, Losha for bringing through Silesha for us!! I am very grateful! It is a great surprise filled with joy to hear that those we have shared our deepest truths with, but we're scorned by, are contemplating what we shared on an inner level. I look forward to the Q&A sessions! 💜


Silesha provides a needed reminder for us to be compassionate toward those whose awakening seems slow, perhaps willfully slow. They have--we all have--been lied to for such a long time. Most people are striving to do the best they can.

Oct 26, 2022
Replying to

I agree with your perspective, Gerome. Thank you for posting! Blessings upon you! Losha.

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