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Message from Silesha: Time to Come Together...One by One

I would like to say, in this moment of time, that now is the time to come, more than ever before. Yes, you have heard this many times before, however, I am talking about a coming together that is far beyond the usual form of togetherness...and this togetherness, is from beyond this dimension that you currently live is from the Fifth dimension, and beyond.

Now, you may be thinking that you are not yet evolved enough to be able to perform in any way from a higher dimension...however, I tell you that you have already been taking actions while in the higher dimensions, you just don't remember it!

Some of you may have heard that you do much more than sleep during your is true, some of you do what is called astral traveling, along with many others of you who do what are called "executive actions".

Now, executive actions can encompass many areas of interest. Most of the time, you are helping your galactic and spirit families to make your Earth a better place, using many different ways and methods.

Each one of you has areas of expertise that you are barely aware of in your daily lives...however, there are inklings in your current Earth life as to where your expertise lies.

Each of you are able to raise your frequency high enough during the nighttime, so that you can meet with your galactic colleagues, where you discuss, evaluate, and create solutions to many of the unsettling situations happening on Earth, right now.

If you are wondering how you are able to raise your frequency enough during the nighttime to meet with galactics, but you are many times unable to do so during your waking days...I would tell you that it is only because you are so "busy" during the day. When one is busy, then one is unable to "be present".

Hence, when one is unable to be present more often, it is nearly impossible to raise one's frequency high enough to be in communication with your galactic and spirit family.

Now, this is not to say that you will never be able to learn to raise your frequency more, it just means that you need to practice, just like any other skill that needs to be learned.

Losha will be posting a link below this writing which provides a multitude of ways in which one can raise their frequency/vibration...and the more often you can raise your frequency, the better you will be able to communicate with the higher beings. I gently urge you to give it a try.

Now, as for my original comment about coming together more, I needed to provide that bit of background information first.

So, here it can "feel" your way into coming together...not with your mind, but with your heart.

If you sit quietly for a few moments, and you let your heart flow outward, enveloping as much of Earth and all of its wonderful inhabitants...humans, animals, plant life, etc, as will begin to feel a certain vibration, or frequency, or energy, which will feel like "home" to you.

It will be a wonderful feeling of warmth, of love, of caring, of support, all wrapped up into one feeling, or sensation (each person will experience it differently…there is no right or wrong way). You will feel like you are wrapped up in will be Unconditional Love which you are feeling.

You will not want the feeling to end, it will feel that special to you! When you do experience this wondrous feeling, then you are "connected" with All. Just savor that thought for a are connected with All...We are One.

Just enjoy and savor the experience for as long as you can...and know that every time you connect with All, you are doing wondrous things for every being on Earth. You are providing a connection that others will subconsciously be attracted to...and they will, at a minimum, feel that same wonderful, loving connection...and if the Universal energies are lined up just right in that moment for that particular person/being, they will also begin to learn to connect with All...and so it goes. This is a very powerful action.

I share this insight with anyone who is guided to read it, and open to its possibilities.

I Love you all...


Channeled by Losha.

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Theresa Calabrese
Theresa Calabrese

What a beautiful message! Thank you so much for sharing it! I send you love and hope you are doing great!


Thank you, Theresa! I send you lots of Love, dear One! 💜

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