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Patriotic - What It Means To Me

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Patriotism - This, Not That!

I used to feel pressured to “be patriotic”

It had to be the “right” kind of patriotic

If I faltered it didn’t fit their “views”

Their kind of patriotism didn’t feel good to me

It felt shady, forced, and untrue.

THAT was not right...THAT was not me!

Later in my life, my eyes became wide open

And I saw their patriotism for what it was

A sham.

Now, THIS Patriotism that is sweeping the nation

Is MY kind of Patriotism!

THIS Patriotism comes from the very depths of my soul

And expands outward

Enveloping all in its path in Love and Light!

THIS Patriotism has become my Life

It directs me toward the better Path

It compels me to Give to Others

It nourishes my Heart!

I am so very proud to call myself a Patriot now

Because it stands for “real” Truth,

Real Compassion, real Faith in our beloved Leaders.

So, I thank all you Patriots of this Second American Revolution

For “showing” me what True Patriotism is!

From my Heart to Yours…

I will love you always.

God Bless You All.


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