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Our Wonderful Future is Coming!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

January 6, 2021

Our New World - A Community of Souls!

I wanted to explore how our current “neighborhoods” might look in our near future...where community will be the most important aspect of how and why we will be living our lives “together” we can then help each other, learn from each other, and share our blessings with each other, more fully! It is going to be so wonderful and exciting!

Note...I know the word “community” has been used a lot over time, and it has probably lost the wonderful “feeling” that the word community, used to least it inspired me! Unfortunately, I have been unable yet to come up with another word that equals its meaning, so I will just continue to use the word community. Thank you.

The more I have been watching all of the recent news regarding deceit, manipulation, and the degradation of our fellow man, the more I have been compelled to “go in the other direction” a positive direction. I hope you enjoy this!

In our world today, we have generally been “governed” by a “top-down” approach...those at the very top, tell us what we can, and cannot, do. From my perspective, after centuries of being governed that way, I do not believe that it works for us as the sovereign souls which we know ourselves to be.

So, as the old way of governing is currently being eliminated, we need to find a new way to govern ourselves now. That is where community comes in. We start at the beginning, where we we we work...and we also learn to govern ourselves.

Now, we will be taking this even further...not only will we create a system to govern ourselves, but we will also take care of each other together, we will work together, we will eat together, and we will fellowship, together.

Some might wonder if that will be just a bit too much “togetherness”, but I believe it will be just the right amount!

These are the major areas I envision which will make up this Community of Souls (this is just the beginning of the list)...

  • Work Place building

  • Child Care amenities

  • Schools (even a version of Home Schooling, if enough “teachers” are available)

  • Sustainable Food Growth/Distribution

  • Governance

  • Alternative Health Care

  • Spiritual Fulfillment

  • Entertainment

  • Individual Houses

  • Large Common Areas/Play Areas

  • Community Gardens

  • Trail for Walking/Exercise

Now, before I get into the wonderful details of our "Community of Souls”, let me say this...all these areas listed above as part of our new community, will in and of themselves, provide a multitude of opportunities for the residents in the community to find potential “job” vocations. Those people who have a real passion for helping children can work at the Child Care center. Those who would like to help with the governing aspects, can do so right in their own community. So, there will be many opportunities to find work that you are also passionate about doing “right in your own home” basically!...and you will never have to even leave your “neighborhood”!

Since many of the resident’s jobs will be within their own community, I also believe the need for money will lessen considerably, and "bartering" for various services needed, will become the new norm.

I believe that our lives within this community will be without many of the stressors of our old daily more driving in rush hour traffic, no more dropping your child off with a day care facility that is expensive, no more long hours at work while also trying to “prove” yourself to your boss, and no more missing so much of your children’s “growing up” time.

We will feel so much calmer in our beautiful community. We can still choose to work either from somewhere outside, or within the community, but there will now be fewer hours needed to be worked each day, because you won’t need as much money to sustain you and your families while living in this “shared” community.

Now, picture this: you have your own modest home (made from the latest sustainable technologies) in this Community of Souls; you have your own beautiful garden in your cozy backyard, so you have the basic foods that you need; and you have all the privacy that you will want or need. We will all have our basic needs fulfilled, to be sure, from the very beginning.

So, now let’s add this to the picture: you don’t have to drive to work anymore! can just take a short walk through a beautiful common area full of flowers, trees, and green grass, and arrive at a building which is setup to accommodate a multitude of “tele-workers” for jobs outside the community (or, you have a job working within the community), each with their own “module” to decorate in whatever way they like, and to work whatever hours they need to...and when you are done, you can just walk back home, in a few minutes’ time!

As for the Child Care services, and potential actual Schools for children within the community...I believe there will be many residents who will be passionate about helping to watch over, and even teach, the children here. I love the idea of a whole community helping to “raise” a child collectively (with the parents’ permission, of course)...each person contributing their own unique and creative abilities which will help the child to grow up to be centered, independent, and vibrant!

Another aspect of this communal way of living, will be to grow our own food! Whether it be from using hydroponics, vertical gardening, or even the old-fashioned way in the vast expanse of fields surrounding the “village”, we will be completely least with regard to fruits, vegetables and grains.

This produce will be free of charge for anyone who needs it. No one in this community will ever go hungry. Everyone will have the optimum nutrition, and children will grow up to be healthy and strong. It will be shared by wondrous will that be!

Now, as for daily meals, those can be prepared by each individual family in their own homes (after having picked out what additional produce they need at the community Produce building!). However, it might also be decided collectively to “share” a meal all together, on a regular basis.

So, let’s say once a week, everyone will bring portions of their own unique edibles from their own home gardens, to be combined with all of the wonderful produce grown by the entire community, and then all will sit down, share how our week went with the others there, and then everyone will “break bread” together. I don’t know about you, but that sounds beautiful to me!

There will be an Alternative Health Care facility available, however, with all the abundant and nutrient-dense produce we will have to eat at our disposal, and all the increased opportunities for getting outside and exercising, I doubt there will be much need for health care per se...but if there is a need, we will have various practitioners available who can help via acupuncture, nutrition counseling, and many other “proven through the ages”, methods and techniques.

I also believe that our types of “entertainment” will change. I think there will no longer be a need for the mainstream “news”, or anything that is negative in nature. Even social media will lessen considerably, as we will have much of our “social” needs met by our caring community residents.

I do think that music and outdoor activities will become some of the major areas of interest...possibly even creating a group of residents who are musicians and having something akin to the old “Concerts in the Park” gatherings!

Last, but certainly not least, there will be a beautiful place for all to worship in whatever way they choose. It will be a place for all to come together to sing praises, dance, discuss, and share. It will be so wonderful and fulfilling!

The most important aspect that this community will provide to all, will be for our fellow man, woman, and child. We all can share our Love for each other in this community by helping to care for each other’s children, helping to grow food for everyone to enjoy, sharing our love for music together, and to help support each other’s passions.

I truly can’t wait to live in a place such as this, and I hope it comes about sooner rather than later! I hope you might even be able to picture yourself living in this wonderful community environment too...and that you are smiling as you are doing so!

Blessing to all! Love, Losha.

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Dear Losha, yes I share your vision as the present system is in fast decay. We will build our societies in values as respect and love for life and ourselves as human beings and so be it.

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