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My Dear Departed Pop: Being Unlimited You!

January 11, 2022

Message from my dear departed Pop!

We are together again! I am so very happy to be able to speak with you all…again! Truth be told, if my darling daughter Losha had enough energy in reserve, I would have been providing many more messages to her…just ask her…she will tell you that she feels me “badgering” her to take a message from me quite frequently…lol!

Well, since I have been in the higher realms for a bit of time now, I have learned that there is a natural hierarchy to the order in which messages are channeled…case in point, our beloved John F. Kennedy most certainly deserves to give his message before I do…there is no question about that! (big smile) I will quietly wait for my turn!

On to my message. You may be a bit tired of hearing this upcoming topic lately from your many channeled sources, however it is of such vital importance for all of you to absorb right now, it was agreed by those in the much higher realms that the topic of “focusing on yourself” would be addressed by as many beings as possible, so the message would be heard by as many as possible. This is a critical juncture regarding the events happening on Earth, right now. I am just trying to do my part in this effort. Thank you.

If you had known me when I was living my last life on Earth, you would not have seen someone who was focused on their inner self…instead you would have seen a person who was brought up to put his family first, above all else, most especially before himself. So any inner dreams I might have had were never in the forefront of my mind…I was too busy trying to make everyone else happy…or, at least that is what I told myself.

Well, I think you know where this is heading…I neglected finding out who I truly was inside. Now that I am able to see things much more clearly I can see how much I missed out on…and I might add that I regret not having lived my purpose more fully, because when each of us does live our true purpose it helps everyone on Earth…the whole collective! We are all truly One…I did not understand that until I departed Earth.

Hence, I don’t want that to happen for any of you, that is why I am speaking on this topic as much as I am…and others, also. I can see now how very important it is for each soul of Earth’s humanity to discover their true purpose, or passion, in life…and how that particular passion helps to shine their Light for All! If everyone lives their lives doing what they are best at…whether it be raising children to become beautiful souls to help lead us toward our positive future, or receiving training on any of the wonderful advanced technologies which are beginning to be made public, or start your own business where you provide your own unique perspective on a product while also helping others, or it could be performing a daily meditation where you are shining your Light wherever your intuition tells you it is needed at the moment.

All of these ways of living are full of Courage, Integrity and Hope…and there are so many other ways in which to live one’s purpose…the possibilities are endless! Limitless! Let your heart, mind and soul soar when dreaming of how you can best shine your Light for All! I hope you can feel my enthusiasm for YOU…and your Unlimited Potential! I believe in each and every one of you! I truly do!

I can’t wait to be able to give each of you a big hug when we meet again…and that will be sooner than you think, I promise!

Until then, please just continue to be the best you that you can be! I will be watching and helping wherever I can. I love you all so very much!

Losha’s Pop, forever and ever.

Channeled by Losha

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2 comentários

This is a great message and a wake up call to use our time here more mindfully! I Wass brought up the same as Pop and his advice surely resonates with me. Keep them coming!


Theresa Calabrese
Theresa Calabrese
12 de jan. de 2022

What a beautiful message from your Pop. I called my dad Poppy. It's quite amazing how much learning goes on when they are on the other side! I love his enthusiasm! Thank you Losha!

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