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Message from my Dear Departed Pop!

June 19, 2021

Message from my Dear Departed Pop!

Hello to all who are reading my darling daughter’s website! I am so very happy to be able to speak through my daughter today. I miss her greatly, but I am also very happy where I am right now, and with how much I have learned about many subjects since I crossed over in 2016. As a side note, Losha’s mother also crossed over just before I did, in the same month of February.

I have been slightly pestering my daughter to receive my message because I have seen what is going on in the world right now from a new and different perspective, and I have also seen the wondrous future which is upcoming for all of you!...and I would like to impart my thoughts to whomever wishes to read it.

A little background about myself, if you can just give me a quick minute, please...thank you. I was what you might consider a skeptic, or when in my most “religious” moment, a believer in “a God”, but not anything close to what some folks call their “personal God”. A lot of that had to do with the life traumas I experienced when I was a teenager...losing my only two brothers at the ages of 21 and 18 (I was in the middle)...both deaths occurring within several months of each other. After experiencing those very tragic events in my life, I pretty much turned off to any God...because why would he allow that to happen to my beloved brothers? So, the thought that any kind of “loving God” would allow that to happen didn’t make any sense to me.

I also was a very “left-brained” person during my last lifetime. I went to engineering school and didn’t really believe in what I used to call the “supernatural.” Now that my “spirit” has been residing in the higher dimensions, my thinking has made a complete 180 degrees turn! I believe, I believe! (smile)

A while back, my daughter asked a trusted psychic to try to contact her mother and myself, and I used the opportunity to “show” her that I was holding a Bible, which I would never have done during my physical lifetime on Earth, and I was pointing at two words in the Bible…”Everlasting Life!” When my daughter heard that message from me, she began crying because she realized that I was truly “here” and I was now a “converted believer!” (smile)

Now, here I am before all of you, telling all who will listen, that our souls are infinite! They are never ending! I was so amazed and filled with joy to discover this beautiful “fact!”

As for what I see happening in your world currently, I will say that I had very little knowledge initially about how depraved it had become while I was there, however now I have been able to understand the bigger picture better, and I am in awe of all you beautiful “angels” who are continuously striving to contribute your individual talents and skills to try and help the collection of galactics and humans (Alliance) to eliminate the cabal and bring in your new and wondrous, future!

I know that living your lives through all of this darkness and filth has been so very challenging for you...I can see how very hard you are all trying to help stamp out the darkness and to help and care for as many souls as you can. I admire you all so very much...and from those of us who are from all of your various “spirit families” up here, we thank you all, and we Love you all!

We can actually see the Cities of Light which have been created over many years in the 5th dimension...and I will tell you, they are glorious! Such wonders await you...wonders which will completely heal your physical vessel, your emotional vessel, and even your intellectual vessel. There will be no more dis-ease!

Besides the Cities of Light which will be primarily for healing purposes, we can also see the many advanced technologies which are waiting for you all to “discover” (they are already discovered, in truth)...imagine living in a beautiful but simple home, where it is sparsely furnished because you will be able to “create” any new item you desire, just by focusing on it with your mind (or a replicator!)! You will always have beautiful cerulean (blue) skies above you, and emerald green grasses beneath your may walk anywhere you like in your bare feet because the ground feels as soft as velvet!

You will no longer “need” a will be offered a “role” in your community where you will be doing whatever it is that you are most passionate about doing...that might be caring for children, teaching others how to use the new technologies, creating beautiful paintings, singing beautiful songs, etc...the list of wondrous contributions available is endless! Let your mind wander among those beautiful possibilities for a while!

The best part of all is that every soul living in their local community “hamlet” will be cared for by every other soul living there...that is how we were originally meant to “live” here on Gaia (Earth). We are innately “good” souls, and then we all got turned around by the dark ones...but now we are “going Home” for good! We, as humanity, are becoming who we were meant to be in the beginning...beautiful, powerful, God-spark souls with Love in our hearts!

My beloved daughter and I both thought that a message that was “uplifting” might be helpful at this time, since she has been posting rather serious, but needed, messages from the beloved children and others, lately.

I truly hope that my message regarding your wonderfully exciting future that is coming soon, will be enjoyed by all who read it, and quite possibly even feel uplifted for a time! I know that I cannot wait to see Gaia and her beloved humanity receive all the goodness that is deserved...and as soon as possible!

As they say around here, please “Keep the Faith,” and know that all is well in hand by the benevolent ones, both galactic and human. The most important role you can fulfill right now that will help with this transition to goodness, is to “be” whomever you are truly meant to be, inside...and to give Love to all as you go on about your days. Those actions by you will assist Gaia and humanity to ascend into the 5th dimension as quickly as possible.

I thank you for your this message has been a great honor for me, and I look forward with great anticipation for the time when I will be able to meet my daughter again, face to face! Until then, I send you all Unconditional Love.

Losha’s “Pop”, forever and ever.

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Thanks Pop for lifting the vibe.

Cant wait to say hello😎


dAs a father and grandfather, I appreciate this message of wisdom and encouragement. I hope to hear more from him!


Absolute love! Thank you Losha & Pop for this divine message.


Rocky Krogfoss
Rocky Krogfoss
Jun 20, 2021

What a beautiful message Losha... It gave me such hope as we all wait for the new earth to arrive. Blessings, Rocky


Sweet Losha,

I´m so happy for the message from your Pop...

For you and for the World, they can seen that we grow in the other world,

this is so important, also for me...

I sent much Love and Light to Everyone

Jun 19, 2021
Replying to

Beautiful thoughts, LarosMadelaine...thank you! 💜

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