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Losha's Pop: Do One Small Thing!

March 1, 2022

Losha’s Pop: Do One Small Thing!

Hello, to all of my favorite Earth Angels! I see you all ad I see all the wonderful actions you are taking, and the heroic and courageous stands that so many are deciding to join in on…and it is truly wondrous!

I could speak for quite a while on just the topic of how many of those who were unawakened…and who are now becoming awake and joining all of you beautiful souls to become One together! It is truly touching for me to see how many are now standing up (via the trucker convoys and peaceful protests) for their own sovereignty, and the sovereignty for All. Wondrous, indeed! As my Losha likes to say, You All Rock!

I also wanted to speak about another topic which is something Losha has also been experiencing lately. It has to do with what Earth folks call the “small stuff”...yes, we have heard and read that even the small stuff matters…and it does. However, I want to take the concept even further because I believe you might be missing out on some very exciting opportunities if you haven’t heard of it yet!

Recently, my Losha has been feeling very overwhelmed by the almost constant barrage of energies that are coming from the higher dimensions, the sun, and also from the dark one’s efforts. She is feeling tired, irritable, and almost unable to function in her daily 3D life, right now. It is almost like feeling numb all over…unable to make a move (metaphor).

She has also been beginning to notice something…that even though she is feeling in overwhelm mode, she noticed lots of inner thoughts coming to her…ideas (from her Higher Self and Guides)…but these ideas weren’t “big” ideas…they were “small” ideas…almost unimportant in her mind, and she wasn’t sure what to do with them. So, she just sat with those ideas until she figured out what to do with them.

What she finally realized is the same thing I would like to tell all of you right now…and that is, even when you are feeling overloaded in life, and you feel you can’t take another step, just do “One Small Thing”.

If you are able to listen to your Higher Self closely enough, you will hear/see what One Small Thing you can do!...because there is no such thing as a small deed, action or thought. Each of these will multiply in many ways…by giving you new energy in life, even for a moment…by possibly being your first step toward your life-long dream, and by helping your world to become a better place…all of that from doing One Small Thing!

The other cool thing about this concept is that even when feeling overwhelmed, you can normally find the energy to do just One Small Thing…especially when it is an action, thought or deed which will bring you a bit of joy.

Now, these small things can be anything…something for yourself, something for someone else, or even just something to distract your mind from your feelings of woe in this one moment of time.

There are some usual things you can do which are always a surefire way to help bring you out of your overwhelm, such as playing music, doing something creative, or doing a nice deed for someone else.

However, there are other kinds of small things you can do…such as taking that one small first step toward your dream…Losha has been taking small steps toward teaching herself to use graphic software which is very challenging for here to learn however she can see how helpful it can be for her future creative endeavors. She also just made her first Reel posting in Instagram…again, not a big deal for many of you reading this, but it was a big deal for her…and she did it when she was in the middle of feeling overwhelmed.

Now, I am not trying to use my Losha’s small accomplishments in order to boast about her as a proud Pop would do…I am just using her experiences as examples of how important each small thing can be…and how each thing can be very different, for each of you…but all it takes it one small step!

That is what is so wonderful about each of you Angels…you each have such amazing talents and abilities to share with the world…and every small step you take is never wasted…it keeps leading you to where your heart wants to live…in your world of creative possibilities…and your world of Hope for a better future! Yes, even those small things you are doing are contributing to your world’s hope for a better future! How about them apples, huh? (smile)

So, I hope that I have been able to impart to you just how important every small “idea” you receive is. In your own life, it helps you to keep moving forward in an enjoyable way, and it is also helping your world to move forward, also. I call that a win-win, don’t you?

I am sending each of you all my Love, and helping and assisting wherever I can. I love you all to the moon and back! (sorry, an old phrase from my older generation! lol)

I hope to speak with you all again…

Losha’s Pop.

Channeled by Losha.

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1 Comment

Thank you, Losha! Your Pop's message is very timely as I feel overwhelmed most of the time as well, and I will try to do one small thing every day. I am grateful for this message! 😍

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