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2nd Message from my Dear Departed Pop!

August 9, 2021

2nd Message from my Dear Departed Pop!

Hello to all the beautiful people who frequent my daughter’s website! I am so very pleased to be able to provide another message through my darling Losha.

As I have already given some background of myself and the type of person I was when I was last in physical form via my first message through Losha, I will just go ahead and jump right into the topic that I wanted to discuss!

Being parents of our beautiful children is always much do you help them, teach them, admonish them...while also trying to sprinkle in as much love as you can. Losha’s mother and I were a bit young emotionally when we had Losha and her older sister. As most parents would probably agree, raising children when there is no “handbook” on how to do it, is a daunting endeavor...even more so when both parents had lived rather sheltered lives, themselves.

An area which directly influenced how we raised our daughters was that we lived through the Great Depression which taught us to be very thrifty with money, and grateful for whatever job we could obtain. My parents had five children and I distinctly remember the day my father came home and announced that he just had his salary cut in half...but instead of grousing and complaining about such a drastic event, my father just began planning out how to stretch our money even further. He was just grateful to still have his job. I learned about humility and gratitude from the best.

Because jobs were considered a blessing to have during the Depression era, I ended up getting a job as an entry level meter reader at our local electric utility company...the same company my father worked for...and I kept working at that same company for 35 years, because it afforded great “security” for my new family. I also went to school at night in order to receive my MBA, because I would then qualify for a higher salary. My wife also worked for the same company until we got married...then she committed to bringing up our two daughters, while sacrificing her artistic ability to paint, and to make other beautiful artifacts. She was good enough to sell her pieces however she did not have enough confidence in her own abilities to believe they were that valuable.

As a side note, my wife and I met at work, and how it happened is a pretty funny tale to tell...maybe I will save that for next time!

So, both my wife and I were raised around the idea of working hard to obtain a stable, good paying job, so our family was secure...we had never even heard of the idea of “living your dreams”.

So, as we tried to raise our daughters the best way we knew how, we didn’t consciously realize that they were not living in the same era that we had grown up fact, it was far from it...compared to my earlier life of hard living, this new era was a life of luxury! However, it was still difficult for us to see that our daughters needed some different, more liberating where they could become and do anything they wanted to!

Let me say right now to my beloved daughter Losha (and her sister, Kerry)...speaking for your mother and myself, we are very sorry that we did not let you know that a big beautiful world was out there, just waiting for you to find your innate passion and to gift it to the world in the very best way that you could! Having had the opportunity to “review” our earth lives these last few years, we can now see how we unknowingly stunted your growth as creative, passionate souls who each had their very own interests and abilities to offer to the world...and the world would have been better for it! We lovingly apologize for not helping you two more in that way.

Now, having said all that, I now very proudly get to say that both of my daughters DID find their passions and abilities, and the world has been better for it! I began jumping for joy up here when I saw how you have evolved Losha, into a loving, compassionate and empathic soul...and how you are using your psychic gifts to help others, and your creative gifts to bring beauty into the world.

I am using my daughters here as a loving example to provide the message I want to impart...and that is that every one of you beautiful souls reading this have the most amazing talents and gifts inside of you...and I encourage you to let them out! Your world is waiting to be blessed with your gifts and as I said before, the world will be much better for it...especially now that humanity has reached the tipping point...which will tip planet Earth in the positive direction! Your gifts and abilities will be welcomed with open begin to ponder how you can help your fellow brother and sister in ways that are uniquely could be learning one of the new technologies that are beginning to be disclosed, or to get involved in your local grassroots community-building events, or to create a brand new product that will be needed in your new future! The possibilities are endless!

I thank you so very much for listening to me...again! As my beloved Losha knows, I DO love to talk! (smile) I am very grateful for this time to pass on to my daughter, and all of you, what I have learned from my time on Earth...and how profound those lessons have been for me.

With all my love, Losha’s Pop.

Channeled by Losha.

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I hope Losha's Pop finds the "time" to share more of his insights in the future. Like him, I have raised two wonderful daughters. As a parent, one can never be sure he is doing it "right." I can relate to his experience of choosing security for his family over risk. Life never stops bringing you lessons, and "Pop's" messages are testimony that human growth and development never stops.


Maryann Mack
Maryann Mack
Sep 10, 2021

My parents also grew up in the depression and I learned a lot from my parents in a positive way but I have also screwed up in many ways by turning away from some lessons I really should have listened to. I see my mistakes and I see the good from those lessons I have paid attention to as well. My parents did the very best for my brother and I and they gave unconditional love and I miss them so very much here.

Sep 10, 2021
Replying to

Maryann...your parents sound as wonderful as mine! Please know that all those wonderful words of praise that you just said about them here, are heard by them! I promise you...they are around and listening whenever you want to talk to them! They might even be sending you "signs" that they are near! Enjoy! 💜 Losha.

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