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A new channeled design...courtesy of The Pleiadian Collective (TPC)...

This is titled "Higher!"

TPC's message is this...

"We all know how much you like your amusement park rides...especially the roller-coaster!

It is a great thrill to keep going higher, and higher! You find yourself wishing it would never love going higher!

Eventually, however, what goes up, must come down (at least where your gravity is involved! lol)...and, where spirituality is involved, just like with the roller coaster, coming back down, can be a bummer!

Our Losha has experienced this "roller coaster" feeling lately, due to some work she is doing with a therapist on her earlier childhood issues.

As she clears some of these huge blockages from her life, she begins climbing higher, energetically...and what a wonderful feeling it is!

We wish each of you could feel the highs all the time...but your earthly life is meant to be a balance of both...because the highs help to balance the lows, and vice versa...and that is good.

We encourage you to keep climbing higher, though...whenever you find something to be grateful for, in your life. It is still better for your life "balance" to experience more highs, than, keep on riding those roller coasters of Life!

We are here with you always, dear ones!"

A note from TPC...for anyone interested in energetically receiving the White Light of Unconditional Love that we have embedded in Losha's design, you are most welcome to it! Just breathe it in! And So It Is...💜

The Pleiadian Collective 💜

(Feel free to save the design to your phone, if you like!)

Channeled by Losha.

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