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"High Vibrations"...

Today's channeled spirit blessing (from the Pleiadian Collective) is called "High Vibrations"!

They gave me this message...

"We are aware that you are always searching for that "one thing" which will make your life better.

Well, the one thing that will assist you in making your life better, is to keep your vibration, or your energy field (your aura), as high as possible.

When you are feeling low, try to take a few moments to remember a favorite memory...a time when you were full of Joy!

It does not matter how young, or old you were when it happened because your body just has it imprinted as a wonderful time of Joy!

As you fully immerse yourself in these beautiful, positive feelings of happiness, love, and joy...your body and mind will endeavor to bring more of the same to you...because whatever emotions you focus on, will be returned to hundred fold!

Now, isn't that a wonderful "return on your investment"...of Joy!

We love you most dearly, beautiful ones." 💜

The Pleiadian Collective.

Channeled by Losha.

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a beautiful Spirit Blessing indeed and i did have a wonderful memory with my mom full of joy

thank you for that

Apr 11
Replying to

I am very happy to hear of your loving memory, Maryann...💜

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