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JFK: Your Light is Needed, Right Now!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

January 20, 2021

Message from John F. Kennedy

Whoa, whoa, whoa, my dear Patriots! Please do not go over the “rails” after witnessing today’s “faux affair”...there is still much more to happen, and as you are finding out the hard way, it is not always as soon as you would like it to be. Well, let me help to take your mind off of those dour thoughts, my beautiful ones!

I would like to talk a little bit about “time lines”...yes, time lines! Some of you may not be very aware of how many different, and yet similar, time lines are occurring in each moment...however, this becomes important with regard to what is happening right now in the U.S...and the world.

At first, it is difficult to determine when a time line is shifting...but, as you become more aware of how your environment “feels” around you, it becomes more apparent. My muse taking this message is just now learning about this, too!

Let us take a rather clear example, such as when you are doing something that you are passionate about...something creative, or all-consuming. You are familiar with the saying that you “lost all track of time”, are you not? This is one basic way to understand that time lines are shifting.

So, let us take the current geo-political scene, right now...that is not a situation where someone is doing something they are passionate about, however, some of the tasks being performed by the Alliance right now, are most definitely time-consuming!

So, every time there has been a “pivotal” moment in our current environment, there is also an imperceptible “shift” in the Universal time line. Now, that may sound too grandiose to imply that when one of the Alliance’s tasks is being achieved, it can cause a shift in the time line of the whole Universe...however, it is quite true, I promise you!

As a point in fact, that is where the concept of “All are One” comes from, too...everything each one of you beautiful Patriots does affects the “whole”...the Universe...and you thought you were rather insignificant, didn’t you? Well, as you can see, that is farthest from the Truth!

So, we have these imperceptible time lines shifting all the time, involving each one of us...what does it mean then? How do we use it to help us in this moment of extreme angst and depression?

I would offer you this...that when you are feeling such angst and such depression, that you find something to do about which you are passionate...something just for yourself. Thus, when you do that passionate something, it will cause a wonderful feeling of energy all around you (and through you!), and that energy, based upon the “All are One” principal, will then be extended outward, to envelope the person next to you, then your neighbor next door, then in the nearest city, then in the state, and then, all the way around the world!

Now, I know this is difficult to comprehend for some, however, I say what is wrong with just doing something you are passionate about anyway, no matter what the energy does afterward, am I correct, dear one? You can just leave it to the Universe to send the beautiful energy wherever it needs to go!

As for how all this matters in today’s geo-political scene, well, it matters, because YOU matter. You matter to the Universe, and to our President Trump, and to our Alliance, and to all of our international brothers and sisters, and to all of our Patriots, who are trying just as hard as you are, to help bring about a positive outcome to our current situation.

However, I tell you simple as my statement is that you focus on doing things that you truly enjoy, right now...that is also how *important* that very action is, because it actually helps all others here on Earth, besides yourself! Now, that is a lot of bang for your buck, is it not? (smile)

I know this message has not been what you might have expected from me at this critical time in our history, however, if you have been reading my other messages through this one recently, it has become my “calling card” to try and help you to understand that we truly are...ALL of this “together”...whether we like it or, why don’t we try to make the best of it, and go ahead and help ourselves by doing what makes us joyful, while also knowing that our joyful actions are spreading Love throughout the entire Universe! There are no insignificant souls here! Every one of you are so very critical to the shifting of the time lines right now, so we can continue our path towards Freedom, Sovereignty, and Unity...our united states of America! (the “capital” letters on united states was used by the cabal). We are no longer under their will just be a few more “moments in time” until it is seen by all!

Please continue to have faith in each other, Patriots...and to have faith in your “true” leaders. I know without a doubt that you are ready to climb back into the boat, dry yourself off, and continue to trust in our worthy goals of Life, Liberty, and Justice for All.

I am with you always…

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

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Feb 14, 2021

Thank You. For the positive energy ✨🙏🧚💫


Great big-picture advice by a great leader, to keep our community by raising our own energy level!


Jan 21, 2021

Jason...your comment is beautiful...thank you! Even though I was blessed enough to receive this message from our beloved had not yet dawned on me to see it in the profound way that you, I thank you for helping us all to see the Light! Blessings! Losha.


Wow! Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. This needs to ring loud and clear today for all Americans to stand up and do something for this great country. Thank you, Losha, for being the pen and paper for this great leader's message.

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