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JFK: Keep On Truckin'!

February 17, 2022

Message from JFK

Keep On Truckin’!

My dearest Patriots and LightBearers…I know you are weary and feeling downtrodden, however just look at how many positive events are happening around you! (smile)

The biggest and brightest event that is happening right now is the Trucker Convoys, which was started in our beloved Canada, and its call for sovereignty and freedom is now traveling around the world…Glory Be!

In case it wasn’t clear, my “Title” for this message was to be a cute play on words! (smile)

As for what else is happening around the world that is positive…well, Losha has been reading of many new advanced technologies which are being widely disseminated for all to use now. I will ask Losha to update her “Technologies” page soon with these latest methods.

I truly wish I could find a way to turn off all of the televisions that have the False Mainstream Media playing, especially in the Lightworkers and Patriots’ households! It does no one any good to listen to those boneheads! Most of the celebrity news anchors are not even human…they are either clones or hybrids of dark ancestry. So, please…your lives will be so much less stressed and filled with angst if you make the choice to turn off your televisions (and your phones if it is also conveying dark information)...and you will also find yourself with a LOT of extra time with which you can then do things that actually make you happy! I say YES to Happiness! Do you say YES to Happiness, too?

I am so very very proud of all our truckers! They are doing a magnanimous deed which will go down in history…our true history. The way that all who are involved in these Freedom Convoys are steadfastly staying peaceful, even during stressful situations which arise with the police, etc, is also wonderful to watch. As I hope you can see now, almost every faction of the government now has its “Light” faction, and it’s “Dark” faction…which means we have come a long way, baby! It is so wonderful when we see some of the police force refusing to arrest its own citizens…and sometimes, even putting down their batons, and joining them! So very wondrous, indeed!

So, I just wanted to stop by briefly to try to lift your spirits a bit…because we are getting closer and closer to the finish line…a line which will set all deceptions straight, and will begin to share the Light of Truth, instead. Thus, I ask that whenever you find yourself feeling down about the negative happenings in the world, you choose at that moment, to do something that will make you happy. When you feel happy then you are raising your own energy and vibration levels and those vibrations will emanate out into the world, and will also help to raise the energy levels of those around you, and of the whole collective, in fact.

That is why keeping yourself in a more positive mood is so important…because as you have heard many times before, we are all One…so whatever we are feeling, others feel also…and vice versa. I know it is challenging to believe that others feel what we feel, but it is the only way to truly exist…otherwise, our lives would be utter chaos…yes, even more chaotic than we have been experiencing on Earth. When we finally understand that we are all One, then it is of utmost importance that we are compassionate and understanding so we can help our fellow man and woman…and we can move toward a beautiful, loving, and free, future.

I am giving you all of my Love…each and every one of you!

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha.

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1 Comment

Theresa Calabrese
Theresa Calabrese
Feb 18, 2022

Hello Dear, wonderful uplifting message from our beloved Jack. Thank you! Hope you are doing well. Think of you often and sending love and light to you always. Terri

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