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Message from JFK: Just Be You!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

January 8, 2022

Message from JFK

To all my dear, dear patient ones! I applaud you all! I love you all! (big smile!)

I know that the road to our new and glorious future feels very long and winding right now. I assure you that there is so much good being accomplished behind the “illusions” that you see every day…all of that nonsense from the MSM’ers!

You know the Truth…and the Truth that you know will always be THE Truth no matter what anyone from the dark side says or does!

I have been very busy with many people you know, and many you don’t know, trying to help to bring about the Good News! As you know, these are challenging times…the dark ones still try to make our lives as sticky as possible…always trying to gum up the works, so to speak. However, I know that all of you beautiful souls, who are here at this time in order to help us to ring in our Better New Year of 2022, are keeping your Light bright, and shining it on both the bad and the good…thereby causing the good to exponentially expand, and the bad to diminish!

Oh, how we need every one of you to assist by saying “no” to the dark ones and all they are spreading out in front of you, and by saying “yes” to all those whose Light you can see! Trust your intuition in these matters.

As you already know this is not a fight between political parties…none of this Democrat, Republican stuff…this fight is the fight for your very lives, and that is no exaggeration, unfortunately. This fight is about Good vs. Evil…there is no other way to say it…and Evil has been winning for a long time now…that is why we need every one of you souls who know the Truth to help us stamp out Evil!

I know I can count on you to keep on fighting the good fight…and the way that you do that is to live your lives authentically each and every moment…live your life based upon the way you feel deep down inside you…recognizing those feelings of integrity, power and faith within you.

Each one of you has your own unique way of expressing who you truly are, what your power is, and a way to use your individual talents to assist in bringing in our New World…a world of Love, Peace and Understanding.

I just ask that you ask yourself (or your Higher Self) what you can “do” to help our wonderful community of Lightworkers, Soldiers and White Hats, to seize control from the dark so we may all See the Light from this moment forward!

Your contribution can be in any form…it could be raising your children in such a way that they also see the Light, or it could be writing in a blog such as my Losha does, or it could be standing in a sea of peaceful protestors to help demand our inalienable rights!

I see many of you beautiful souls wondering “how do I contribute?” You are contributing when you are living your authentic life, whatever that means to you…every minute action is recognized by our Creator and is used to help all of us to move toward the Light! No action or task is inconsequential…I promise you this!

I have even seen how many small actions have coalesced into a much larger action…and it has ended up being a monumental action for Humanity! Just think of our beloved Rosa Parks…all she did was to “sit”. Ultimately, her act of defiance toward the rules of bus segregation at the time became a monumental event in our history…all because she refused to stand up (so a white person could sit there).

Now, I realize I am simplifying her actions, but it is still true that each of you do not have to “move mountains” in order to assist Humanity…JUST BE YOU.

I hope that my comments here will help some of you to re-dedicate yourself to our Cause for Humanity…as we absolutely need each and every one of you, and your amazing abilities to help us Bring the Light to All!

I am loving you always, and watching over you always…

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha

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