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"Wild & Wonderful!"

"Wild & Wonderful!"

That is the title of this Spirit Blessing, as channeled from The Pleiadian Collective.

Their message is this...

"We wanted to give you all a little more upbeat message today! We love you all!

We call this one Wild & Wonderful! because that is what your lives there on Mother Earth can feel like most of the time...many, many times it feels "Wild!" and out of control...then there are just as many times...hopefully more than the wild times...when your lives feel quite "Wonderful!" they not?

We are here for you, and ready to assist you, in creating more "Wonderful!" moments in your lives!...just ask us!

Yes, in order for your lives to have balance, there are still moments when some Wild occurrences must happen...however, even as they are happening, you can try to find some aspect of "Wonderful!" in each of those challenging Moments.

We lovingly encourage you to find as many "Wonderful!" moments in each day, as you can, and you will benefit from it can do this!

We love you all...unconditionally! 💜"

The Pleiadian Collective.

Channeled by Losha

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