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Timelines! Positive and Negative...

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

December 5, 2020

How many of you believe in different “timelines” happening simultaneously in our Universe? That thought process, and the concept of “staying positive”, are what I would like to talk about right now...and how I believe they are related.

I do believe in the idea that there are almost an infinite number of timelines happening, at the same time, for each of us, in each moment. I also believe that many of these timelines are happening within multiple “dimensions”...but that is a topic for another day!

Let’s use an example to examine this concept of timelines. First, let’s say that during your regular daily routine, you happen to meet someone in a coffee line, whom you just feel like you have known for a long time...and during your quick chat while waiting for your coffee, you find out from that person that she knows about a potential job opening which you would love to have!

Now, as any new opportunity usually presents have one of two, and maybe even more, options surrounding how this scenario will play out.

First, you could react very positively, knowing that these opportunities don’t come around very often, and ask your new friend here, if you could interview for the job.

Secondly, you could react with fear or a negative mindset. You could start thinking about all of the reasons that you could not get that job, even though you know you would love it and could do the job very well. However, as most of us would probably recognize in ourselves also, it is very easy to “go negative”...thinking about how you don’t have enough experience for the job, your family might not support such a big change, or even that you just “don’t deserve” this job (that has always been my biggest “reason”!).

So, if you were presented with such a scenario, what would your reactions be? Would they be positive or negative? Yes, it is also true that sometimes one can have both reactions for the same scenario. In that case, you would need to determine which response carries the most importance.

Too many times in my own life, I have allowed my negative reaction to carry the most importance, primarily because I didn’t believe enough in myself and my abilities. However, recently I am trying (and learning) to have a more positive reaction to new opportunities which are presented to me.

So, we have this scenario...the way I see it, a positive reaction will take that particular timeline forward, to continue it on to another positive timeline. My experience with positive timelines indicates that one’s life seems to flow more smoothly, with less friction and the feeling of “forcing” anything to happen. I generally feel much happier and connected to my purpose in life. What one thinks, one receives.

If one’s reaction was a negative one, then it will take this timeline forward, onto another negative where one will continue to be caught in a heavy, complicated timeline, where it does not truly “flow”. It is also very hard to change the timeline once it is activated by our thoughts...but it can be done! One needs to try and concentrate more on positive thoughts and actions, rather than negative ones.

This may all sound way too simplified to explain such a complex concept...and all that is involved is very difficult to do, especially trying to become more positive, when one is used to reacting negatively.

However, I am trying hard to turn that around for myself, right now...because I am tired of thinking and feeling all of those negative thoughts, and I want my life to “flow” better!

Now, some of the complexity of changing our thoughts from negative to positive has a lot to do with how we were raised when we were very young, and that is the biggest challenge to face (something I am working on presently).

However, while we are slowly working through the more difficult areas in our lives, we can still try to make small inroads towards a more positive mindset in our “daily” lives.

One other area in our current situation where we need to try and be more positive (at least in my opinion), is with regard to our geo-political events.

There is so much turmoil happening on a moment-to-moment basis right now, that it is very easy to “go negative”. However, here is where it is most important to try and find ways to think positively about our current situation.

As an example, for myself, when I find myself becoming negative about what I am reading, I try to remember the “end goal” regarding the current chain of events, because most of the daily happenings are only one “link” in the entire “chain”...meaning that these links are rather temporary, and I gain a more positive mindset when I remember what the ultimate goal, or end result is, that I am expecting to happen. Approaching the individual challenging events that happen daily become less bothersome to me when I remember the more “positive” ending that I am looking for, to happen.

Another easier way to get out of the negative doldrums, is to do something to pamper yourself...however short it might be in duration, it can still raise your mood and vibration, and result in very positive benefits...such as listening to your favorite music, taking a walk outside in nature, watching a favorite old movie, or doing a 10-minute meditation.

These are just suggestions...there are many, many more!...however, the biggest challenge in all of this is first becoming “aware” of when your mood has shifted from a positive one to a negative one. It is easy to miss...believe me, I know!

I wanted to write on this topic today though, because as important as I believe it is to monitor your moods as they happen within your own daily lives, I also believe it is just as important...and maybe even monitor our moods for the “collective” cause.

I believe each of us is energetically connected to each other, thereby making us into a collective...therefore, as each of us goes, so does the collective.

That is why I brought up the way our moods are affected by all of the daily happenings that we read about, on a local, country-wide, and global, scale. I know it is hard to believe that when we are, as an individual, reacting negatively to say, a political-leaning article that we are reading, we are also contributing to a negative “timeline” for the collective, and it produces an infinitesimally small “energy blip” in our collective energy consciousness, which sort of “puts a fork in” the positive timeline toward which the collective was heading.

Now, please know that I include myself in this situation of not assisting our collective to keep heading in a positive direction...and I am working on this daily!...I am just trying to gently remind all of us that we are all in this “together”...literally.

So, I thank you all for taking the time to read this, and I hope each of us can continue to help ourselves, and our collective, to head in a very positive the future might be bright for of all of us!

Blessings upon each of you! Love, Losha.

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1 Comment

This article resonates strongly with me. At one time I believed that "time" was one straight line, cast in concrete. Experience has borne out that the "future" is variable--or multiple. We can be on one path or timeline, and change it by our choices or intentions. My old habit of making a straight line extrapolation or projection from the present led to lots of errors and missed opportunities.

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