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"The Power of the Aumlats!" (the "dots"!)...

Updated: Jun 21

This Spirit Blessing is called "The Power of the Aumlats!" (the "dots!")

This is the message from The Pleiadian Collective...

"We are here with you today to explain about our "aumlats" (pronounced almost like "omelets")...all the "dots" that you see in Losha's designs.

Losha understands how important, and powerful, these little "circles" can, we thought we would expand upon it for all of you who are reading this.

Aumlats are very powerful! (yes, the Germans refer to a similar word in their language)

They add energy to whatever the symbols/designs are...they are kind of like an "exclamation point"! (We know our Losha loves her exclamation points! smile)

But, there is more that these beautiful "spheres" bring to these designs (and in our own language)...they represent "Life", in fact...the "Circle" of Life.

The Circle of Life encompasses one's whole life...all of the ups and downs, the dark and the light...but it always ends up going "full circle".

Each up...each down, in your life, is happening in order to bring your life full circle...just where you are meant to end up...right where you belong, in this Moment!

So, please try to view these "dots" as something much more powerful...they represent your Full Circle Life...your loves...your passion, your Life-learning experience!

So...any Circles you see...remember the aumlat...they are reminding you of your Full Circle Life!

We love you dearly, beloved Ones!"

The Pleiadian Collective.

Channeled by Losha.

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