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On This Auspicious Day of Remembrance...A Message from JFK

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

November 22, 2020

Message from John F. Kennedy

My beloved Patriots...I just wanted to check in with you all today, on the anniversary of my assassination, back in 1963.

Yes, it was a harrowing event for all involved...and I feel the collective energy of sadness and anger building right now, as we come upon this auspicious day.

However, with the extended period of time with which I have had to review this tragic event that ended my physical life on Earth, I have altered my perspective somewhat, and I wanted to share it with you now, my loving Patriots.

Even though my life was cut short by a nefarious group of infidels, this event also called many early Patriots to “action”, because they knew who had planned out the assassination, and they realized that it was time to “make a plan” to finally stamp out the darkness of the cabal.

The Patriots who had stood by me during that time began to make detailed plans to begin the elimination of the Deep State, as they are called now. My colleagues also knew that this plan was going to take time to come to its ultimate completion...and that “completion” is what you all are witnessing, right now.

The plan to eradicate the cabal, which began as a very clandestine plan, has now become the “news of the day” least on the “truthful” news sites, that is. Eventually, those other “mainstream” news sites which have been manipulated and told what to say since the days of my Presidency, will be no longer.

We are at the most critical juncture of our short American history right now...and I am watching and assisting from my “station”...and knowing that all will end well...and all will be well, soon. In fact, it will be better than ever before!

There are new leaders, attorneys, state officials and patriots, stepping forward each day, to assist in restoring our Republic once and for all...and working to give us back our sovereignty. That is no small task however, and it is also needing each and every one of you who are reading this, to participate in whatever way is your individual divine calling, in order for all of the Alliance collective to battle the dark agenda’s plan with courage, determination and perseverance, and to reverse its course steadfastly until all can see the Light!

I am so very, very proud of you all, my beloved Patriots, for all the exhausting hours and mental energy you have expended in order to quell the cabal’s maze of intricate distractions and blatant elements of fraud and deceit...and believe me, we will WIN...and WIN BIG!

This big win will be for more than the Presidency of the United States will also be for each and every American, even those who are currently on the “other side” of the Truth right now...for they will see the fraud and deceit for what it truly is, and has been for so many years, and they will slowly realize that they have been lied to, and taken advantage of, and they will quietly direct their allegiance toward the Light.

I ask of all of you...please be respectful and understanding as those who were deceived and unawake become awakened...because you also were, at one time, an unawakened one...and I hope you remember how long and arduous the road to awakening was for most of you...and it will also be that way, if not even more arduous and mind-numbing, for those who are just now waking up. Compassion is always the answer.

Thank you all for “having my back” all these means so very much to me, and I hope you can feel I am returning that love you have given me, back to you hundred fold!

I am watching over you all, and loving you all, during this very momentous and challenging time in our history.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha

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Nov 22, 2020

Oscar...thank you so very much for your beautiful words and for believing in our beloved JFK's words of hope and inspiration. Much gratitude...Losha.


To Our Dear President John F. Kennedy!!

What a great honor, on this auspicious day, that you deliver one of your most profound messages of this timeline. This is why you were & still our our president. You are a leader of light soldiers, beings of all dimensions.

Thank you for your kind & supportive words to us Patriots, that recognize the importance of holding these frequencies of Light & Love, for all those that choose ‘Light over Dark’.

We are grateful to those ‘Awakened Ones‘ of your living Era, to recognize, accept & deliver the foundation to this mission of redemption!

Your message of compassion, to recognize that ALL Humanity was under a very ‘Dark Spell’, only…

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