• Losha

My Truth - by Losha

Updated: Jan 26

My Truth…Our Truth

I am tired of hiding…my Truth. I will not hide, any longer. I will not hide, my Truth, Our Truth.

I know things…I know things about this Life of ours, here on Earth (I am going to call her Gaia, from now on). I know many beautiful, wonderful things…about our future…about our past (some of which aren’t so wonderful)…and about our NOW.

I will be ashamed, no longer…just because some souls out there, might choose to disbelieve that I, and many others like me, can communicate with beings, who are unseen (at the moment).

And that fact is not even the most important part…it is what I have learned from these wonderful, enlightened beings, which is the gist of my Truth.

It is not the “how” that is important, it is the “what”.

The “what” includes these things, that I know…

I know there are many, many, many…celestial and galactic beings, who are always available to assist and encourage us…whenever we choose to “ask”.

I know the galactic beings, our “neighbors”, have been using their advanced technologies, to help us, by cleaning Gaia’s air, land, and seas…and they have been doing so, for the last 20 or so, years.

Yes, there have been both good and bad galactic races, who have been interacting with various humans, since the 1940’s.

At this current time, however, there are very few “bad” galactics around, as evidenced by the lack of “abductions” being reported over the last 20 years.

Now, at this time, I feel I must provide a little “background” information, re. our “history”.

The “bad”, or dark, galactic races, who were here on Gaia in the 1940’s through the 1980’s or so, were “allowed” to be here, via an “agreement” with the U.S. government.

At that time, the government officials involved, were given two proposals, by two different galactic races; the first proposal, was to declare “peace” in the world, and end all ongoing wars at the time…and subsequently receive many advanced technologies, and also assistance in helping all of humanity to become fully evolved beings, which was always "supposed to'' have been our inalienable right, and which would make all lives on Gaia, better.


Choose to align with the galactic race whom offered many advanced technologies, which would help, immeasurably, the various factions who were involved in the current wars of the time, in exchange for “allowing” those galactics, to perform human abductions, in order to “mine” our DNA, so they could create a hybrid race, subsequently saving their original race from extinction.

The U.S. government…chose the latter.

(Note…It was not just the U.S. government which knew of, and interacted with, these galactic races. It is known that Hitler also utilized advanced alien technologies, to help in his battles)

With the discovery of the alien races, and their amazing advanced technologies, an elite group of military, wealthy, and government “elite”, was created…and they decided to keep all knowledge of the alien presence, “secret”. The rationale used at the time, was that humanity “wasn’t ready” to know of our galactic neighbors.

Fast forward to the present, and the elite group which compelled the secrecy of the galactic races, had learned through the years, to use this secret knowledge, to advance their own desires…for greed, power, and control.

The last 70 years or so, we as a human race, have been “used”…by this elite group who now has control of almost every aspect of our lives…they control the media, the financial institutions, the medical and pharmaceutical establishments, and of course, the “energy” infrastructure.

This elite group knows, that if the “Truth” got out, the advanced technologies which they have suppressed from us for the last 50 years, would make the need for coal, oil and gas, obsolete – and they cannot allow that to happen, under any circumstances, because that is the foundation for their wealth.

That is also why they have continually sought to make anyone who has had an authentic encounter with a galactic being, or has seen a UFO, appear to be “delusional”, or we are fed “disinformation”, such as “weather balloon” explanations!

This has been one major – and never-ending, cover up!!

So…these elites decided, that in order to further their causes for greed and power, they needed to “keep us down”… in other words, create ways to keep humanity in fear and poverty, working very hard just to keep food on the table, so that they have neither time nor energy, to truly “question” events happening in the larger world around them (sound familiar?}…and to also keep them from discovering their “true nature” – that of a fully evolved Being…which would then bring a desire to live in peace here on Gaia, to help one another instead of killing them, and to use their own unique, soul-driven “talents and abilities”, to contribute to a more peaceful, and better, world.

Now, the “ways” they developed to keep us down have been many…the distribution of wealth is kept unequal, through the control of banks, the establishment of the Federal Reserve system, the creation of “debt”, and the taxation system (most of which, are illegal, by the way). They have also kept us in ill health, through various means – the most notorious being the “chemtrail” spraying in our skies, which cause toxic metals to leach into the ground and all water systems, ensuring our continued weakened state of health.

But, the clincher of all the “contrived” ways in which these elites have kept us down, is by creating “events”, which cause us to live in constant fear (these are called “false flag” events). Because the more fearful we are, the less we will question what is happening around us.

They accomplish this by using those in our government agencies, to create events, which we would never think of questioning – because they surround the event in the cloak of patriotism, religion, national pride, or love for our children.

Yes, I am going to say it – 9/11 was an “inside job”…it was ordered by the U.S. elite group at the top, and was carried out by our own government (along with other international collaboration).

There are many other events throughout our recent history, which have also been “created” by this elite group, but I don’t want to give any more valuable energy to these negative events, than is needed.

I know how abhorrent and blasphemous this sounds, believe me…it took me a long time to finally believe all of this, myself.

But I do believe it now…and it has resulted in me feeling completely compelled to “let it be known”…because I want us, as One people, to take our lives back, and to help and care for one another again…before that small, but mighty group, so callously absconded with our “inalienable right”, to a better life.