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JFK - Sparing the Rod

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

June 20, 2020

JFK Message

To all of the good people who have chosen to be here on Gaia at this time…Godspeed to you all!

My “subject” title above might be startling to some – even also to my message taker. I will just keep speaking and it will become more evident as to why I use it.

My father was a great man in many ways…he provided me with unparalleled access to high-level politicians, celebrities, and various other clients of his.

However, he was also very harsh in his dealings with others, especially when he wanted something very badly…of which there were many, many such dealings.

Now, in order for him to get what he wanted, he would invariably use a “rod” on others…not in a physical way, but in a psychological manner. This rod took different forms…be it by blackmail, bribery, or harassment.

I will leave my recollections about this matter to be interpreted in whatever way is best for each reader…but I give these “examples”, for a very good reason.

When I became President, I vowed to myself that I would never, ever, use the rod, on anyone…including my own children. Hence, while carrying out my duties in the White House, I always strove to acknowledge the best in others, and to find ways to utilize their “best” in their capacities as my colleagues and employees. In doing so, I was helping to shine a light upon others, thereby allowing those others to see themselves in a kinder light, and to believe in themselves more.

Thus, one can see that there are different methods used regarding how to treat others…there are the ways that my father used, which worked to a point, but left the others with whom he dealt, feeling very low about themselves, because they were not treated with the respect they surely deserved.

Then, there is the way in which I endeavored to treat others…trying to find the good in each person, which then allowed them to find respect for themselves, which I have learned, is paramount for each community, each state, each country, and this world, to also discover…so we may learn to treat all others with the respect and dignity they so richly deserve.

I think you will also see that this “formula” per se, is applicable even in your world’s current situation…where the level of respect for others, seems to be at an all-time low, right now.

However, it is never too late to learn the lessons of our past leaders, colleagues, and family members, as our history, is a part of us. That is not to say however, that our history does not need revising, from time to time…and now, is such a time.

My muse, as she first received the unusual title for this message, immediately researched the meaning of “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. In her research, she found this definition, which says in part, that “…correction shows us that we are not above reproach and that we are accountable for our actions”.

This excerpted definition addresses another aspect as to why I used that particular title above. As President, I still feel wholly “accountable” for my actions during my tenure…and these messages I am currently providing are one of the ways in which I feel that I am holding myself still accountable…which is vitally important to me.

Being accountable for our actions, also includes the matter of “choice”…such as how we “choose” to react, or how we “choose” to treat others, or even how we “choose” to treat ourselves…in fact, our treatment of others almost invariably comes down to how we treat ourselves first, and then others, second.

Hence, all that is happening in our beleaguered world right now, comes down primarily to how we treat ourselves first, and how we treat others, second. Yes, I repeated myself there just now, because I feel it is an important topic upon which to ponder. I will leave it at that for the moment.

So, my very, very dear children of Gaia…I want you to know that I am with you now, and always have been…and I will be providing further messages of lessons learned, failures acknowledged, and of benevolent hope for our very near future, in the coming times.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha

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1 comentario

Beloved Mr. President, reflection is a great tool. At the end of the day we learn more from our failures, than our successes. You learned through your Fathers misgivings, you learned that sometimes people take kindness for weakness, when in fact it came from wisdom & inner strength. When working with people, there are infinite variables, that’s why our relationship with self & our creator is critical to our ascension. I love you, Mr. President!

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