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JFK: Our New World is Coming!

February 12, 2021

Message from JFK

To my most beloved Patriots of our “True” history...I say, greetings! This is a time in our young world which is brand new...such things as are happening right now, have never happened before! You may not feel like it at the moment, however, you are very blessed to be here on Earth, at this time!

All of you, each one of you, are here because you “agreed” to be, one might wonder, why would I agree to live through the most tumultuous and chaotic events in the history of our world? What am I to do right now?

I would say to each of you...that you are to do what you were born to do! If you are unsure what that particular “role” or “task” is...then you can begin by listening, and watching, for “signs” that are there to guide you. Each one of us is “guided” by many different beings throughout their lives...many call him Jesus, some call her Mother Mary, some believe in Buddha, or Allah...there are many different beings available to help each of us find our “calling” in this lifetime.

The reason I am going into this so deeply is because “we” are at a very critical time...very critical...where every Patriot, Lightworker, Truth Seeker, and all who are on the Light side, is important, and their particular skill, ability, knowledge base, or intuition, is needed to help those on the “front lines”...because, even though we know the Light has already won in the higher dimensions, it still must “play out” here on Earth, right now.

I realize that I speak a lot about “each” of us, or every “individual”...and that is because, as I have alluded to before, we are all “One”...a collective...and that means that whatever happens to ONE of us, happens to ALL of us! That may sound quite outlandish to some, but I do believe those who are reading this message, already know this I am just providing a “friendly reminder” to you beautiful souls, is that not so? (smile)

I will briefly address a couple of the “events” which are happening, in your current timeline. First, the impeachment. This is a farce...this shows us just how desperate the Dark Ones are to try and rid themselves of our beloved Donald Trump, and his family. If you knew all the details of how they have tried to end his life, and the lives of his family members...and how many times they have tried would not believe it. It indicates how dark these ones truly are, and the lengths they will go to, to try and keep the Light from shining! Have no fear, dear ones...our beloved Trump’s “Light” will keep on shining! We are not done yet! We WILL be victorious! We will Be the Bright Light for All!

The second topic is the one of “president biden” (I will give him no respect as he has done nothing to deserve it)...that also, is a is a circus! There are even clowns included for you to enjoy! You know who are the clowns in that “group”! However, they are about at the end of their “rope”...literally, for many. There are so many clones and body doubles now in Congress, that you would be hard-pressed to find the “real” bodies!

Many of the Congress men and women, are just “acting out” their role, at this point in time...they have already been tried and convicted, it just as yet, has to be made public. We are in the last “scene” of the “play”...and the “finale”, is about to start!

I know this has been hard on so many of you...especially when it has caused rifts in so many relationships. However, the rift will not be there much many Patriots have said...yes, most especially my beloved Juan O Savin…”it is time to choose a side”. It is my greatest hope that all those who are not quite yet seeing the Light, will “choose” to see it clearly, and very soon, so relationships can be mended, and we may all come together to create a wonderful, brand new world!

I am going to gently remind you of what wonder lies ahead after this last bit of rancor is over...there is to be free energy, so many of you will be able to work less, and even find new jobs in the burgeoning fields of advanced technologies, and quite possibly be able to “create” a job about which you are even passionate!

There are going to be unlimited possibilities for new endeavors and occupations! There will be less need to work, and more time will be spent with family and friends. Pollution will be gone, new schools will help each child to find their special skills and passion, instead of just memorizing fake dates and events...and there will be healing for all! This is just the beginning of our adventure! It will seem miraculous when compared to our “old” and very limited world of 2020! Our new world will be limitless!

Yes, I do indeed get very excited about our future...which is almost our present, now...and it is much more interesting and compelling to think about than the last dregs that are happening to clean up the cabal and their ilk! Our minds are best used when we put our thoughts on our positive accomplishments, and the unlimited possibilities that lay ahead of us!

I will tell you this again, my beloved are so very, very blessed to be a witness to this destruction of the Old, and an integral part of creating the New! You are members of a very select group who were “annointed” to be here at this time, to help all to evolve to the higher dimensions, which is the ultimate journey to be taken, and you are being watched by many other species of beings, all of whom have great admiration and love for you!

You also have my very own undying Love and Admiration...and I ask you to keep up the Fight for Good!

I am yours, forever and always.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

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