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JFK Message - "You Were Born Free!" via Erena Velazquez

April 12, 2021

Good Morning Fellow Americans and the World,

I am the 35th President of United States speaking today to everyone around the world. Right now, It’s time to say no to this global nonsense that has been imposed on everyone for over a year now.

My Dear Americans and Surrounding Nations, how long are you going to tolerate being deprived of simple joys and forced to wear this cloth over your face and feel like you are not a person anymore. This Dark Agenda was created by the world controllers, who don’t think that you deserve to have any rights, they only want you to follow their orders like sheep, so far, it has been working and fooling billions of people with their lies and illusions.

Please, remove the veil from your eyes. They are not going to stop, unless you are going to stand up for yourselves as a Collective Consciousness globally and say it‘s enough of the dictatorship and tell them: ‘’We Were Born Free And No One Can Take That Away From Us.” If you remember nothing stopped them from assassinating me, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and many others, who fought for your freedom and prosperity.

I am just reminding all of you that you are free and no one can tell you how to live your lives. Right now, the Dark Ones are already “screaming“ with their full voice that a new virus is here, and it’s more deadly then the previous one. Do you understand and see what they are trying to do to you? They are not going to stop until they succeed with their plan of eliminating 90% of the human population and keeping the 10% survivors as slave labor.

This is a real threat to humankind, and it’s not my vivid imagination here. The New World Order plan has been in the works for many years by the Darkness. The controllers put in a lot of time and effort for their plan to succeed. They are going to continue to push and push until all of you are going stand together as one and say loudly: “We Are Not Going To Take It Anymore, We Want Our Freedom Back And You Can’t Stop Us!”

Please, understand that this is all about their control and power over Earth and humanity. This planet has been controlled for so long, and now it’s time to liberate yourselves and Mother Gaia. You carry Light in you, and the Darkness can’t win against Light.

Europe is on fire at this moment because they are standing up for themselves and are saying: “We Want Our Freedom Back.” People are tired of living under constant restrictions imposed by the ones who think that they are representing your best interests and know what you need. Please, open your eyes and go deep inside your heart to find out what is not the real truth, because you're the one who can determine, what is real and what is not.

My Dear Americans and All the Nations on Earth, the future of this planet is in your hands. You and others have a big responsibility on your shoulders to prevent what took place on similar planets like Mother Earth. What happened there? Life was completely wiped out and the planets are no longer there. They were blown up.

I am here today to warn you and remind you that all of you need to channel your Light within yourself and reunite with others to spread the Light and Freedom to end this global oppression. Unite together as One Voice, One Consciousness and become an unstoppable Force of Light for the Freedom of Humanity!

The Father, Prime Creator always reminds us that we are all one - Universal Love and Universal Light. Please, remember you are now and forever will always be the Light and the fountain of never ending Love. My heart and soul are with my Fellows Americans and the World. Thank you.

Love and Blessings


Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Losha note...Much thanks to Erena for this much-needed reminder from JFK! Wonderful message!

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Thank you for sharing this much needed reminder.

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