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JFK Message - 9/23/2018

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

September 23, 2018

JFK Message

My dearest truth Patriots... Patriots, what a wonderful word...what a stirring word...what a meaningful word. You are all Patriots in my eyes. You have continued the work which I helped to start way back in the day.

There is so much happening at this time in your world, or should I say in our world, that it is hard to know in which direction to look.

There are a great many people right now claiming to be telling the truth and it is very difficult to know whom to trust and to whom to listen. What I would say about this, is to trust your heart, not your eyes, nor your ears, and most certainly not your brain! By saying that I do not mean to degrade your intellect, just that the new world toward which we are evolving, will be based upon what our heart is telling us...not our brain.

This up and coming Heart-based world is the biggest challenge for Humanity, as we have been convinced that we must use our intellect over our heart, in order to discern the Truth.

As you truth Patriot's are discovering, what we have been taught in the past by the so-called Elites, has been the furthest thing from the fact, it is usually the exact opposite.

And it is our hearts which will allow us to discern that which is Truth versus that which is non-Truth.

So, as the events continue to foment and escalate, and bring Truth to the forefront, I give you all my encouragement and love, to help you in continuing to see the Light and the Truth in everything.

May you all be blessed with the most Compassionate Heart, and may you use that compassion to help others, far and wide.

My love for you is immeasurable and undaunted! Many blessings to you all, Forever and Forever.

Your beloved, JFK

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Beloved President, yes; we all have been psyoped, but we see it now more clearly than ever before. You brought this transmission in 2018 & only now, toward the end of 2020, that the revelation truly is coming forth. We didn’t know what you knew & now it’s our turn to see what the Elites actually have done to all humanity. But I am happy to report that we are finally cracking the egg of realizing what was down the rabbit hole. All around the world we are witnessing that our vote never counted and never mattered. It was always what THEY wanted to fulfill, for their self-serving agendas.

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