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JFK Message - 7/28/2018

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

July 28, 2018

JFK Message

My dear fellow Patriots...

Hmm...I am so very glad to see that word "patriot" being used in such a positive and noble manner, now.

I have been watching as so many truly astounding and soul-shaking events are unfolding, currently. For now, those who recognize the Truth in these events are few, as compared to the overall population - but the masses - they are awakening may be just one tiny droplet of information that jolts their thoughts and doesn't "make sense" with all they have known previously.

To add to that end, one droplet in a pond (collective consciousness) then creates that glorious "ripple" effect - where more and more souls on Earth begin to awaken. The view of all the many "ripples" that are happening right now across the world, is wondrous! You are ALL awakening! Good on you!

I would like to speak on yet another issue, and that is the topic of my beloved son, John F. Kennedy, Jr., or "Junior" as I affectionately call him.

There are a great many suppositions being posited right now, regarding whether or not he is still incarnated in his earthly body, or if he truly did cross over while flying his airplane many years in the past.

Now, while I truly appreciate the interest shown in this topic, I do not believe that it is of such great importance - because Junior is still "assisting" in this process of Disclosure and Ascension, just as I am, from above and below, and that is of the most import.

As I have continued to learn about consciousness, and its integral role in our evolution as spiritual human beings, it also goes hand in hand with the idea that our "soul", or spirit, is the most important aspect in this all. Hence, I therefore put forth that it matters not whether my son is "here" nor "there"...what matters most, is that his soul, is Everywhere.

I am sorry if I have disappointed those of you who were wanting to know the "truth" about Junior's existence, however, I believe we have more urgent and pressing matters to attend to, currently - and let me also state unequivocally that my Junior is greatly loved and he is as involved in helping to create this New World of Light, as I am...maybe more.

I want to address one other topic - that is of the one you call Disclosure. For those of you who have been Keepers of Truth for many decades already, you know how very monumental this task has been to bring to fruition - and yes, there have been delays, because the nature of the Dark Beast is such that they have been very hard to predict.

However, in the last twenty years or so, our True Patriots have been fighting "our" good fight for ALL of us - and they are winning! I also include all of you Lightworkers and Truth Keepers as part of that whole - the whole that is the True Patriots.

If I might address a topic that is on the mind of this one who is receiving my message - and that is the recent phenomenon surrounding the icon called "QAnon".

Suffice it to say, I am very well aware of this "movement" - and I find it fascinating and wondrous! This movement, has helped to awaken so many more of the masses, and it has been a joy to watch it unfold, with all of its clues, riddles and pronouncements, which incites those "Anons" to put in large amounts of time and effort, into deciphering and solving, all of the "crumbs" - and to then provide a much larger cadre of information to our greatly advancing, and all-important, Disclosure.

If you could only see what I see - how very, very close you all are to completely dismantling the Dark Ones - it is a glorious sight to behold - and to know that our New and Loving World is about to burst forth in a brand new way, and with you Brand New 5th Dimensional Beings, here to inhabit it - and enjoy it for eons to come!

Please keep the faith True Patriots as we are almost there. My faith in each of you is unwavering, and I know we will achieve our lofty goal, very soon.

My love to you all...for ever and ever.

Your beloved, JFK

Channeled by Losha

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1 Comment

Beloved President, it is with great honor to share with you that this Patriot’s heart loves you dearly, including your son, even though I haven’t seen him yet in person. I certainly feel his body of work & passion to get it right. I know he is meticulous of every detail. He understands there is nothing to take for granted. We are all in this together!! Mr. President, it feels so very good to read your words of expression, for I resonate with your vision & energies! I feel like I am also in the room with you. That’s why it’s so easy for me to write to you. I miss you and look forward to be with you and…

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