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JFK Message - 6/7/2020

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

June 7, 2020

JFK Message

Felicitations to all who are reading this message from myself, Jack, as channeled by my favorite muse.

Just a little light-heartedness, before we talk about the very serious matters that are happening on your Mother Earth, right now.

In my current non-physical state, I now have a unique vantage point from which to process the many happenings on Earth, that are challenging every man, woman, and child's, way of life.

Currently, it appears as though all hope for a peaceful resolution is lost - you feel forgotten, abandoned, and invisible. You feel there is little hope for your future, and even less so, for your children's.

I will not attempt to sugar coat the truly catastrophic events that are currently happening in your world - hmmm - I truly still feel that this is also MY world, even though I have been physically absent for a great many years. I also still feel a great sense of responsibility and passion to achieve what I started out to do - and that was to see the end of all wars, and the beginnings, of peace. I did try, indeed.

Speaking of peace - have you noticed how most of the "chronic" wars across the globe, have all but gone away? I am not attempting to say everything is perfect right now - but I would like to draw your attention to a few positive trends which are coming into our field of vision - if we look closely enough.

Sometimes, one is aided in seeing the positives, by metaphorically putting on a pair of rose-colored glasses! Yes, you read that correctly - in fact when I was there in form as President, I was accused, more than once, of wearing those very same rose colored glasses!

Most times, the connotation for wearing rose-colored glasses is a negative one - but for myself, and also for my message-taker here, that "idealistic" perspective helped me to see both sides of the situation, which then helped me to find balance - in a job that was usually replete with negative emotions, and situations.

Thus, as we look at the current challenges for this beautiful blue-sphered world, I would like to kindly enumerate a few positive perspectives.

Firstly, we have the almost-global cessation of war: secondly, across the whole globe there are far more people - souls - caring for one another, helping their neighbors, and generally showing much love for their fellow human beings. That is truly a blessed sight to see!

Thirdly, you are seeing the younger generations becoming passionately interested in getting involved in politics on a grassroots level - to help to create real and lasting change in the much-deteriorated high level, governmental positions. This change is truly needed - now.

Fourth, and this may be hard to see at the moment - but it is the many beloved souls, who are waking up to the tyranny and injustice that I spoke of long, long, ago. There is more than one perspective about the many issues involved regarding tyranny and injustice, and it appears unresolvable at the moment - but if you keep checking in with your heart on these matters, instead of solely using your mind, you will find the true way forward - all of you will.

One of my regrets during my time there on Earth, was that I didn't listen to my heart quite enough - I did do so at times, but never enough - and it is my deepest desire now, to pass that learned lesson of mine, on to you.

Hence, it is my wish that my litany of words here, will cause you to feel a bit more hope about your future, as there are many reasons for which to have such hope!

There is now, and always has been, a majority of the Earth's population who are loving, kind, caring people - and that majority is beginning to make themselves heard above the roar of "Might" that many times, prevails - and just like my message-taking muse here, this new majority all want to "use their voice for Good".

It has been my enormous pleasure to provide this message to you all - and it is my hope that all will heed their individual callings, which will assist in miraculous ways, in restoring Earth and all of her inhabitants, to their Rightful place, in this world.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha

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1 Comment

Beloved Mr. President, your heart in the 1950’s & 60’s was in the perfect unfoldment of its timeline. Your process was in perfect alignment of its time. I was only 3 1/2 years old and I always knew you were a good man. Some how I knew, what integrity, was through you. I saw the hearts of many that loved you because you inspired them. All I felt was love. In my 60 years, I also understand deep in my heart is that; LOVE IS ALL WHAT MATTERS.

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