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JFK: Love One Another!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

March 21, 2021

Message from John F. Kennedy

My beloved Patriots, Lightworkers, TruthSeekers, and all others...I welcome you all to my message here today! I love you all, and I watch over you all! Each one of you souls, are very important to me!

It is a very exciting time, is it not, dear ones? Yes, it is also very exhausting and frustrating, I agree with you on that...however, can you not feel how every single event that is happening daily now, is showing those who have “eyes to see”, how very close we are to the tide turning completely in the Light’s favor? And, I promise you will never return to the old ways, ever again! We are almost done with the Dark side!

I guess I should also state for the record here, however, that the Dark will never be completely gone from our lives, because we need it to provide “balance”. Now, that may sound strange to you, however I am sure that you have heard before that our human lives always need to have a teeter totter! If a person was sitting at one end of the teeter totter, but there was no one sitting at the other end, it would be quite a boring ride, correct? We wouldn’t be able to enjoy the ride of the teeter totter unless there was also another person on the other end!

My point here is that we will always need a bit of Darkness to “remind” us that we never want to allow it to dominate our lives, ever again. A little bit of Darkness just serves to ensure that we make certain we enjoy all of the Light-filled moments in our lives...and that is how it should be. Allowing the Darkness to control every aspect of our lives should never happen again...and that is why we are all having to experience a “death” of sorts right now...and why every moment of Darkness that occurs each day fills you with such agony and despair...because “we” must all, collectively, experience the final “death of Darkness” from all of our days, so we will then “know”, from the very depth of our souls, that we never want to experience it again...never.

I apologize for my stern tone...I do not like to be “stern” very often...but once in a while I choose to be so. I do feel like your “parent”, at times, so I want to try and keep you from experiencing any more hardships than you need to...however, what you are experiencing right now is unfortunately, needing to be all of Humanity...but not for much longer, I promise you that!

It is because we are so very close to achieving the Light side of life, that I wanted to try and gently remind you what you all have been through, and why it is so very important to “remember” it. It is all part of our past...our collective “history”...and you all are just now beginning to “rewrite” our sordid history with our new true, and glorious, history! This is just the beginning of the Light!

Well, let me jump off of my soapbox now, eh? That is enough lecturing for one night! Let us speak of the nicer aspects of Life now...such as how much pride and love all of us here in the higher realms have for all of you!...and how much we can’t wait until we can meet together and celebrate our collective Victory of the Light! It will be a glorious day!

What I have suggested in the past messages still holds true...I encourage each of my beloved “earth angels” to begin to think about, and envision, the type of life that would fulfill you the most...think about whatever passions you have...what excites you most about life...and how you can take those passions and use them in a way that makes you feel good, and even better, would help others to feel good, also! That is always a win-win!

We are so close to the Darkness becoming a minor distraction in our lives now, that I would like to see many of you beginning to browse all the advanced technologies which are coming out at a rapid pace now, so you can then begin to envision (and possibly pursue for yourself!) how all illnesses and diseases will be able to be healed in a much quicker, and less invasive, fashion than ever before! I am mentioning this specifically right now, because as our days on Earth begin being less burdensome and more abundant, and the need to help so many others get back on their feet becomes the priority for all, there will be a need to have as many of our earth angels “healed” as possible, so we can all go about caring for, and helping each other, as this will be the new and loving way of life for us all...just as God once lovingly commanded “Love one another”!

So, in order to provide some help in this area, and since this topic is of interest to her personally, I am prompting my muse Losha right now, to begin creating a new page on her website which will provide links to some of the latest healing technologies which some of you might find helpful for either your own health situations, or some of your family members’. These products/devices will be using many different types of “technologies”...some examples would be: the use of scalar energy; the use of energy frequencies; and some will be using a different type of energy altogether. This list of products/technologies will not include every single technology available, but it will be an earnest start!

The cost of purchasing these products will vary, as I would like Losha to provide a wide range of options, so hopefully, most of you might be able to find something which might help. I will ask you however, to not send emails to Losha regarding these technology she will just be responsible for posting them all in one space, so it will be easier for all of you to explore many of the options currently available. These will be some of the most hopeful healing options we have here on earth, until the Med Beds are available for all to use...and there are in fact, intense efforts being made right now to have as many Med Beds ready for use as soon as the most advanced technologies are made known to the public.

Well, my message tonight was a bit different, however, I always try to address whatever is on the mind of the “collective” at the time, and these topics seemed to cover the most important concerns at the moment. I trust that you found this discussion helpful and hopeful, my beloved earth angels! We will prevail!

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

P.S. Please give my muse Losha a few day’s time to get the new webpage of “Alternative Healing Technologies” up and running. Thank you.

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Theresa Calabrese
Theresa Calabrese
Mar 24, 2021

I love these. I patiently wait to read them. Thank you so much! I only recently, in the last 3 months, came across these through InTheLightNews. I truly look forward to the healing technologies to be presented on one page. The research to find them is quite time consuming. Thak you again for these great and encouraging channelings!

Mar 24, 2021
Replying to

I am so glad you found us, Theresa! Welcome! If JFK has his way, we will be posting his messages more! I am trying! The healing technologies won't be absolutely every one of them...but I am trying to provide a wide range for more optimized choices. We shall see! Blessings, Theresa! Losha.


My initial reaction to these messages was a recognition of the tone, sense of humor and cultural optimism of President Kennedy in them--they seemed "authentic" to me. But I have since been impressed by the grasp of current events, the far vision and compassion. It is "as if" JFK the man has used the time since his death to process and learn from his life, and has continued to grow. The directions this "coach" will take are not predictable--as witness his comment on the role of evil in the world. I am looking forward to Losha's webpage on healing technologies, and of course to the next JFK message.


Jacks done it again

A message of real Hope


Maryann Mack
Maryann Mack
Mar 22, 2021

It’s a wonderful message! thank you Losha.

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