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"Insights" - A Podcast featuring Q&As, as answered by Silesha (12th dimension)

The text for this podcast is below:

Time Stamps for Questions:

Note: These are just general time indicators for each segment of the podcast, so you can skip forward or backward, if you wish.

- 00:00 Introduction

- 02:45 Foreward by John F. Kennedy

- 04:50 Question #1 (Sexual Abuse)

- 09:30 Question #2 (Healing from Life Lessons)

- 14:10 Question #3 (Inner Child/Healing)

- 21:10 Question #4 (Brain Injury)

- 26:13 Question #5 (Anger Issues)

- 30:28 Question #6 (Psychic Abilities)

- 39:10 Question #7 (Trying to Change Others)

- 42:20 Question #8 (Iran Rebellion)

- 43:52 Question #9 (Ascension Phrases)

- 46:55 Question #10 (Cabal Executions)

- 49:20 Question #11 (12th vs. 3rd Dimension Comparison)

- 53:00 Closing

- 53:06 Request for Questions to be Submitted


I would like to humbly thank Brian Newington and Deborah Bauer for their magnanimous efforts in helping to create our first "Insights" podcast. I never could have done it without you! I am including their wonderful bios at the end of this written post.

Welcome to “Insights” - a show about Life and Love, with guidance from the 12th dimension.

This podcast came into being over the course of a few months. I have always tried to listen to the flashes of insights I receive during my days and nights, and over the last few months I kept seeing myself “writing”...although, I had no idea what the topic was to be.

These insights continued to get stronger and more frequent, until I could no longer ignore them. So, I then asked…what am I to write about?

It has been suggested to me a few times throughout my life, that others might benefit from hearing about some of my particular life events, although I never really gave it much thought at the time.

Well, now it seems that I was, in fact, to address that very topic…a podcast about my own life lessons.

As I tried to organize my thoughts about my life events, it came to me that maybe if I addressed the topics in a “Question and Answer” format, it might be more easily received, and understood.

I began to draft some basic questions regarding experiences which were the most challenging for me, and I “heard” in my mind that there is a new spiritual guide of mine, from a higher dimension, who would like to provide the “answers” to my questions, from primarily a spiritual perspective.

After initiating communication with this being, I call her Silesha, I discovered that she is from the 12th dimension, and we are meant to collaborate on this “project”...with the hope that the responses from Silesha will be helpful to others who listen to this podcast. The primary reason I wanted to do this project is because I love to help others to understand themselves better, which then helps all of humanity to better itself…because I believe that We Are One.

I also decided to address additional questions from others besides my own, so that the topics would be more diverse and interesting for all, including some spiritual topics.

I thank you very much for your time and interest in listening to these thoughts of mine and Silesha’s.

Blessings upon you…always.

Love, Losha.

As I have been channeling John F. Kennedy or JFK, for many years now, I felt it would be meaningful if he would grace us with a Foreword for this podcast.

Foreward by John F. Kennedy

I am pleased to write a forward for Losha’s book of Questions and Answers, as answered by Silesha, her 12th dimensional guide.

I am very proud of Losha for continuing to evolve spiritually to the point where she is now able to receive guidance from an even higher source. I believe all the words Silesha says to be Truth.

I also believe that, even though some of Losha’s questions are originating from her own personal experiences, Silesha’s responses are both personal to Losha, but also expansive enough as to help the readers to learn from their own experiences, as well. There is much benefit to that…for all of humanity.

Any endeavor which Losha creates, it is always with the spiritual directive of that which is for the “Highest Good for All”, in mind. Therefore, all of her projects will provide a deeper understanding for all, which will help humanity to continue to evolve into the powerful and compassionate beings they are truly meant to be, inside.

Therefore, I beseech any who come in contact with this powerful collection of Life Lessons, to peruse it with an open mind and heart. You will be blessed for having listened to it.

I send you all my best, and my Love…always.


Q1. Silesha, following my work with a therapist, I remembered clearly that I was sexually violated when I was three years old.

This left me with intense feelings of anger and shame, and has negatively affected my life in so many ways.

So, why did I have to experience sexual abuse when I was three years old?

A1. All of your experiences in this lifetime have happened to provide you with ways to cope with life there on Earth. The lessons may seem harsh at times, and even unimaginable, however there is Truth in each one.

As for this particular experience of sexual abuse when you were very, very young, it happened in order to set you on your path in this life. That may sound strange but as you have learned about yourself since that time, your negative sexual experience taught you how to be more in control in the years following…and you were determined to never let others “control” you again.

In the subsequent years of your life, you actually took the controlling aspect to an unhealthy level…you never wanted to feel that pain and anguish again, so you did not let others ever get close enough to you, even when you wanted so desperately to be loved, and to genuinely love another.

These lessons which you needed to learn were all part of your “life contract” agreement you made with the Universe before you were born on Earth in this lifetime. We will talk more about this topic later.

Most of the events you and others experience on Earth will cause you to act out the lesson you “learned”, to the extreme…and that is what needs to be realized and healed.

The subject of sexual abuse is a very complex, emotional, and horrifying one. It is the most prevalent method of control that is used here on Earth. It is so very traumatic that the emotions of it stays inside each victim, no matter the gender, for the rest of their lives, in most cases.

Losha, you have worked with therapists and intuitives in order to help you to heal that small child within. It was not easy and it is never easy for any person to allow themselves to find a “safe” way to experience the situation again, in order to slowly let go of those emotions which have ruled one’s life for so long.

I would like to say this, however, and this is to anyone who has been victimized in this way in their lifetime, please know that it happened to you specifically because you are a very strong soul, inside. It is because you were seen as such a powerful individual that you would eventually be able to find your way out of the abyss and would help others to do the same, by your example. Each of you are such special souls! Your challenge was immeasurable, but your victory was even more heart-worthy!

Q2. Silesha, you said, "Most of the events you and others experience on Earth will cause you to act out the lesson you “learned”, to the extreme

…and that is what needs to be realized and healed." Would you expand on this statement, please? Give us an example or take it from Losha's life.

A2. Most certainly…I will expand on this aspect of this very complicated topic.

As most of you already know, you will experience events in your own particular way throughout your lives. Many times, you will have experienced an event which will cause a ripple effect into all aspects of your lives, such as after you have been horribly treated in some way. Now, this event results in causing you to feel unworthy, and to feel out of control in various areas of your life. So, the subconscious reaction inside of you whenever you believe your self-esteem is being challenged, or you find yourself with road rage when someone cut in front of you with their car, will be to act defensively, and quite possibly to become “unglued”, when the situation is many times, not actually about your lack of self-esteem, or that you are reactive to bad drivers…it was something much less inflammatory in nature…that is taking a rather normal situation and reacting to it in the extreme sense, because you have lost your boundaries as to what is truly about your self-esteem, or your hidden road rage.

It is very easy, following such an emotional trauma as sexual abuse, to continue to distrust certain segments of society, or to quickly judge a situation to be dangerous, because of what happened to you. Your filters of what is normal in your life have changed, permanently. You are looking at life around you through different colored glasses, so to speak…where everything is first filtered through your abuse experience, causing you to categorize each daily interaction or event, as to whether or not it is “safe”...whether or not it will hurt you in some way.

As you have so many of those colored perceptions regarding your daily experiences, you lose the ability to see the events for what they truly are…events which are not here to harm you.

Now, please know that I am not intending to offend anyone reading this, because I know how deeply these wounds can be…I myself experienced them when I was in a different lifetime, on my home planet. There are almost no words which can describe the level of shame and fear which builds up inside. However, I resolved that when I was given the opportunity that I would address these issues from a perspective which hopefully, provides a path to healing, ultimately.

I truly hope that I am accomplishing that now, with these thoughts which come only from Love, to try to help others to see themselves as the beautiful, whole, and worthy souls that they are. Thank you.

Q3. How does sexual abuse affect the shutting down of the heart of the inner child? And, what healing methods can be employed to heal and restore the heart-love of the inner child, especially how self-love figures into the healing? (Note: in other words, what can we say about the inner child that hasn't been said before or remind readers/listeners of very important elements of healing the inner child).

A3. Ah….how to heal the inner child…a huge concept to address! I will do my best to provide some higher level wisdom on this topic.

As you know, the need to be the best person one can be, can cause much strife as one grows up…leading to the varied, but similar, behaviors that resulted from the inner child being harmed in some way. As has been said before, there are many ways to heal one’s inner child…through therapy, through your own self analysis, and through metaphysical methods (such as reiki, channeling, hypnosis, etc.).

Now, those are all the usual ways of healing one’s inner child…I will suggest one more…it is a bit different, shall we say, but nevertheless, effective…in fact, I would venture to say it can be very effective.

This method requires a lot of belief that “you” can heal yourself. Now, most humans, including Losha here, have never quite understood what that means. I will tell you…it means that you were created to be a god…with all the powers of a god. Quite astonishing, is it not?

Before you begin to say that was a blasphemous statement and all that goes with that, let me explain.

Just yesterday, I gave Losha a lesson in being a god. She was saying a blessing for an animal which had been killed on the road, and as she was beginning to say what she always says…”May Spirit bless you and keep you, and bring you to the Light”...I stopped her, and she heard me say, “You can bless that are a god”.

Well, that of course startled her to no end, however, she began to understand my message. It is stated many times in your Lightworker realms that each of you is a “co-creator with God”...well, many of you also know that all of the “miracles” Jesus performed were to actually let each of you know that you can perform those miracles, too…that you have the same power as Jesus did, because we are all co-creators.

Now, that may all seem to be quite off the topic of how to heal your inner child, however, it is not…it is my gentle challenge to those of you who feel you are ready, to begin “healing” yourselves…Losha is beginning to work on this for herself.

So, what I am suggesting you try to do when you are ready, is to meditate, or pray, or envision yourself as god. Most humans have been so indoctrinated since they were born to believe that they are no one special…they are even unworthy of Love. I would say that the biggest area in need of healing from the traumas experienced in one’s life, is your heart.

You are in need of Love…lots and lots of Love. Many times when a human being has a profound spiritual experience, the main emotion they feel and receive is Unconditional Love…and almost every time they feel it, they cry…both from such happiness, but also because they do not believe they “deserve” it.

Unconditional Love is so much more powerful than any other emotion…that is why, when one does receive it, they experience a “bliss” event (Losha just experienced this type of event recently)...and it is never forgotten!

This may not have been the answer most of you were expecting to such a question, but I did promise you a different perspective to this topic, did I not?

Well, there you have it…I know that I did not provide you with a “step by step” process for healing your inner child, however, I truly hope that it will be helpful to those who are ready to hear it…and read it. You have my Love…always.

Q4. Why did I have to sustain a brain injury from a car accident?

A4. If you think back on how your life was prior to the accident, you will remember that you were living life very unconsciously…without paying any attention to it, so to speak.

You were doing this and doing that, believing that you were in the midst of very important projects and relationships, however, you were not “aware” of your life, at all.

I am sorry to say that there are a great many other souls there on Earth who are also rather “asleep at Life”, and not aware of Life. It is an epidemic of sorts…and a very critical one, at that…especially with the current times being so chaotic and stressful. When one is not aware of how much chaos is in their life, then it will just continue to become even more chaotic…until an accident happens, or there is an unexpected death, or something even more tragic.

That is what happened to you…you had to be “reminded” of who you truly were inside, and steps had to be taken so that you would take the time, to find the authentic you, and to live it more fully in your life.

The car accident, and your subsequent brain injury certainly slowed you down, didn’t it? Yes, you had to endure some pretty terrible experiences during the worst of it, which lasted approximately two years or so.

Before the accident, you were just beginning to believe in your “smarts”...which you had denied for most of your lifetime…but then after the accident, your brain was unable to retrieve and process information in the normal manner anymore…and you had to begin to understand that you had more than smarts…you had many, many other talents and abilities that you had not been using before your injury…such as your creativity, and your compassion for others, and your ability to communicate with higher dimensional beings.

So, you may have lost some of the “tools” you used to use to access your thinking mind…but you have gained so many other positive aspects in your life that have made you so much richer, wouldn’t you now agree, dear Losha?

So, sometimes these events happen which seem to be so very tragic…and they are at the outset, however, over time, one will come to understand that it actually has some positive aspects to it, also.

You, my dear Losha, have become so much more compassionate toward others because you have gone through the “grist” of a challenging injury, and you can now provide help and love to those who are also going through it themselves…that is not a small gesture…it is a big one to those whom you are assisting.

The time that it takes to see the positives from an injury, or death, or anything traumatic in nature, can be quite long, sometimes…you have many, many videos out there on your internet depicting so many brave warriors who have taken their very challenging circumstances, and turned them into opportunities! That then also inspires others who are in similar situations…and so it goes!

So, even though these traumatic events are life-changing, many times they are changing one’s life, for the better. So you shall see!

Q5. Since my car accident happened, why have I had so many problems with irritability?

A5. You may not want to hear the answer to this one, dear Losha. This irritability is coming from your current lifetime, but also many of your past lives, as well. You never thought it was that deep did you?

As you well know, it is not how irritable you get, it is how the irritability takes over completely for a few moments…and that scares you a great deal. So, one of your lessons regarding your irritability has to do with the issue of control…as do many other of your past issues. You feel out of control when this anger…let’s call it what it is, shall we?...when this anger takes over your body. Now, if you think closely about it, you will realize that the anger is not taking over your soul, just your physical vessel, so you can feel a bit reassured about that aspect.

Now, as to how you are to “resolve” your anger/irritability issue…well, it is two fold…first, you need to allow yourself to go back in time, way back, into your earlier lives, and observe your anger during that time. Yes, you are correct, that you have spent many of your past lives as a warrior…and yes, warriors tend to have a lot of anger pent up inside. In those days, however, one could release their anger on the battlefield, however you are unable to do that, so your battlefield is with your dogs, your husband, your friends, etc.

You blame yourself very fiercely for being unable to control these angry urges that you get, however, blame is not going to help, and neither is trying to control them. What I suggest is accepting the urges…recognize them as they come up and then breathe…breathe through all of the anger you are feeling and know that it has nothing to do with your current situation. It is coming from past issues, both in this lifetime and many other, earlier lifetimes.

The second reason is that of your physiological makeup. Your physical body became quite off balance after your car accident. You have been working diligently to address your imbalanced nervous system, and it is helping…so, you have already made strides in that aspect of your anger issues.

So, you are already addressing one of the two reasons for your anger/irritability issues, however, I suggest you spend some time working on your past lives, so you may acknowledge your feelings back then, so that you may then move forward more gracefully. I will graciously offer my assistance in this endeavor…whenever you are ready, dear one.

Q6. Why did it take me so long to realize and embrace that I was psychic?

A6. Now, this is a very good question, dear one. Let me first state that every soul on Earth is psychic. Is that a surprising statement? It may sound surprising however it is still true. Now, we are not speaking of psychic abilities in a “woo-woo” sense, as this is a false way to speak of it.

The word psychic has the word “psyche” in it, which represents the mind…so it evolves from the mind. Well, everyone has a mind, correct? This then is the use of the mind to communicate with others, who reside in a different dimension…we just are harder to see, that is all! However, the communication is still the same.

Those human souls who have been able to relax their minds enough, to still the thoughts racing in their mind, are then able to hear words, see images, and feel emotions, from beings in other dimensions. It is words such as clairaudient, clairvisual, etc, which define using the five different senses when communicating psychically. If a person tends to receive information in their daily life more through the use of words for example, than being visual in nature, then they would most likely “hear” the words said from another being, such as you do, Losha.

There are also those who just “know” something…and that is using one’s sixth sense, the extra sensory perception that is so talked about. That method still works just as the others do, however.

Well, I have broken this down into much detail, haven’t I? Maybe a bit too much…but I hope it will prove helpful to those reading this.