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"Let Go"

Here is the latest Spirit Blessing from our beloved Pleiadian Collective.

It is titled "Let Go"...

Here is their message...

"Welcome, to all our beloved Terrans! You are living during very special times, there on your Mother Earth, which we call Gaia.

You are being challenged daily...from the circus acts that are called politics, to the very up and down emotions you are experiencing daily, right now...we say, it is time to "Let Go".

Letting go can be accomplished in different ways. It can be letting go of the control you might feel is essential for you to feel safe in your life...or it can be letting go of expectations that keep letting you down...or, it can be letting go of all the responsibilities that you have taken on...even though many of those tasks are not really "yours".

So, these are some examples of how you might ponder which way you could let go, in your own life?

Our Losha here, is working to let go of the control she has put into her life, as she thinks it will give her more feelings of safety and trying not to be hurt. But, she is realizing that it really doesn't work, and it also adds more layers of stress and chaos into her life, with all those methods of control she was using. So, she is taking baby steps to address it all, one day at a time.

It truly does work, when you break whatever topic you would like to address, into smaller steps. As an example, if one were trying to let go of an obsessive trait, then one might think they need to go "cold turkey" and just stop doing it, once and for all.

Well, that is very difficult to we would suggest that you take it slower. Try to stop the obsessive behavior for four days out of seven, as a start, then shorten it a bit more, etc...go easy on WILL get there, we promise!

Well, we got a bit more serious this time...but we just want to assist you in any way we can...and we are always here, even though you might not "see" us!

We love you you say on Gaia..."You got this!" (smile)

The Pleiadian Collective"

Note...if you would like some benevolent energy to assist you with letting go, you can ponder this Spirit Blessing for a few minutes, or you can trace the design with your finger.

Channeled by Losha

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What a simple image for this blessing! Besides the Pleiadians, other voices in the Universe are giving a similar message right at this same time: Trust in God, set more realistic expectations for myself to reduce self-imposed stress. I will listen!

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