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Have Faith in Our Future, Patriots!

January 30, 2021

Message from John F. Kennedy

I am so very happy to be able to speak to you Patriots today! Today and tomorrow are very big days, indeed!

I know you would like me to tell you every single detail that has been, and is currently, happening in the United States, that is helping to bring us all back to our sacred Republic...and I would love to tell you these things, myself! However, you must have faith that these powerful, life-changing events ARE truly happening, right now, as I am speaking to you!

You who have a solid foundation of faith at this time, must know why many of these profound events, need to happen “behind the scenes”. For those who don’t quite understand the need for such secrecy, I will point out the most obvious reason.

First, and foremost, the general population who are as yet “unawakened” to the Truth of our absconded Republic (and even before then!) and how the malicious cabal have kept “us” enslaved for many, many years, would be so shocked if the Truth had been thrust upon them all at once, there are some who might, in fact, cross over prematurely. We are trying very hard to ensure that the Truth is “disclosed” at a pace which most of the “new Patriots” can handle...and yes, there are many who are “crossing enemy lines” recently, and joining you wonderful “original” Patriots! That is our “best case scenario”...that we are able to swing the ones who are not completely “die-hard” MSM followers, toward our 100-million-strong group of Patriots! We are mighty, indeed!

It has been such a pleasure lately to watch how cohesive you all have become since that auspicious day where the “Biden one” was allegedly inaugurated as president (no “capital” letters used on purpose). That day and its apparent “results” was a huge test of faith for all Patriots, and so very many of you stood strong! I am so very proud of you All!

Since that dastardly day, our beloved Patriots have shown their true mettle...that they will NOT be stopped, in any way, shape, or form! It is truly inspiring for me to see how very quickly you all have become at “switching gears”! You have been “banned” from so many different social media platforms, and yet here you are, still “bothering” the MSM with your memes and truth-speaking! So much so, that they are having to spend quite a bit of their “air-time”, trying to “debunk” what you are saying! It is a true joy to watch!

I hope all of you beautiful Patriots have truly taken a moment, to realize what a momentous time in the United States’ history this is...and how very important YOU all are in helping us get to this point in time! There are no words glorious enough to “Thank You!”...for we truly would not have made it this far, but for your inspiring, and indefatigable spirit!

There are many of you, like my muse here, who are so surprised to find yourselves as being labeled a “dissident” or a “terrorist”, when all you were doing was searching for the Truth, and following your heart. Many of you started this lifetime out as a rather “passive” spirit, however, these recent days of reckoning have forced you to “make a choice”...a choice which may be causing a great rift between you and various members of your family...even your spouse and partner. I remember when I finally realized how evil some of those who surrounded me were, and I tried to explain it to my own family, many of them turned their backs on me...just as they have done with you. It saddened me greatly, and it saddens me now.

I can see how very much this “ex-communication” from your family tears at your hearts, when in fact, it is you who are “right” about these matters. Unfortunately, right or wrong does not really matter much when it is involving such close cuts right to the “heart” of everyone...on both “sides”.

Do not believe for an instant however, that this chasm of Truth between you and your family members does not also affect greatly, the ones who disagree with you, and are clinging to truths which will not “hold water” much longer. I assure you...their hearts are breaking just as much as yours, right now.

The good part about all of this...and yes, there is a good part! that almost ALL but the very hard-core “MSM’ers” will end up seeing the Light...your Light, and the Light of Truth! I promise you you can begin looking forward to the time when you all will be able to give a long, loving hug, to each of those family members...and we can all begin to look forward to our wonderful, sovereign future “together”...where we will all be equal in the eyes of the Lord, as it always should have been, and will be...forevermore.

There are a few of you, like my muse, who try to “be positive” about everything that happens, no matter how difficult it is, at times. They like to spend their time envisioning the “new” future that is coming for us...where you will be able to quit working your “9 to 5” job, and instead find an “income” which allows you to do whatever you are “passionate” about...and where you live with neighbors who are loving and kind, and where you will all help each other out, and care for each other in ways that we haven’t seen in our lifetimes! Kindness will no longer be a “bad” will be celebrated!

So, as we are still “treading water” through these last tough days, please try to focus on what you would “LOVE” to be doing with your “future” days, instead of allowing yourself to be filled with angst and anger. What would YOU like to DO? Please think about what truly makes you happy and excited...whether it be caring for children in wonderful, loving ways...or creating inspiring handmade items which bring joy to others...or developing a “new system” for our many old systems of doing things...which are soon going to be obsolete.

We are going to need many, many beautiful souls who are ready to “roll up their sleeves” and get to creating a brand new way of “Living”! I “know” that there are many of you out there...I can see you!...who have already been getting flashes of insights as to how to “do things better”, and we need ALL of you to begin writing those insights down...there is no insight too small!...because we are fast approaching a time where our “new Lives” are going to be ready to be us!...each ONE of us! I exaggerate, NOT! (smile)

Well, I wanted to take this time to try to help you shift your thinking of “when” everything will “happen”, to the kinds of thoughts such as “what can I help to make happen...for our Future?”...because the “clean-up on Aisle 4!” is just about done, now...and it is time to BEGIN LIVING OUR NEW least within our own minds right now, until our physical world catches up!

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your still rings true, does it not?

I love you all without equal!

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

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Feb 03, 2021

When I have had issues with my family about this, my message has typically been, "Um, fyi, it's the apocalypse but it's the good one. What to do?? I dunno, what were you GONna do? Don't lie, don't steal, don't be lazy. And thank God... cuz we'll be owing him one for the next few hundred million years-ish. Yours is a wonderful message... regardless of who placed it here. Thank you.


This post is very relevant and precisely applies to our time, at least my own experience of friendships and family ties strained or severed by political division. At the same time I appreciate his high level perspective. Thanks to JFK and Losha for this collaborative project of service!

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