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"Beyond It All"

A channeled Spirit Blessing from the Pleiadian Collective...

It is titled "Beyond It All"...

Here is their message...

"We are here with you, always...beyond it all. Beyond the daily, sometimes challenging, life you are living, in the here and now.

We ask you, however, to take a few moments each day, to try and remember those moments of the "beyond"...when something happened in your life, when it was "unexplainable"...when it almost felt "miraculous"!

We know that each of you reading this have had those moments...aren't they wonderful to experience?

Those miraculous moments from beyond this lifetime, are to help remind you, that there is always so much more going on in your lives, than you realize...and it is Good.

We are always here to help you to remember!

We love you dearly, beautiful souls!" 💜

The Pleiadian Collective

Channeled by Losha.

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