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A Short JFK "Audio" Message - re. Children, Joy, Emotional Healing! (click on image for "message")

Losha note: This is my first attempt at channeling JFK with my "voice". JFK has suggested to me recently that he would like me to channel him "live" eventually...such as in front of an audience. Well, as my first move toward that end, I am going to begin receiving his messages via my voice, not my ears!

I ask for your patience as I begin learning this new "skill" (including editing!)...and I hope to turn future messages into a "video" format.

If some of you would still like to "read" his messages rather than "listening" to them, please contact me, and I will see if there is a way to also "transcribe" the messages. Thank you for bearing with me as I "learn on the job"! Blessings to you all! Losha.

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This is wonderful work, Losha! I am so thrilled to see (and hear) you stepping into your channeling abilities. This step took courage and faith ... which you have in abundance. So fly, dear angel, and have fun with this amazing gift!

Jack says "Thank you for being willing to heal those old wounds and programs, and to step into this new adventure with me. I am excited about what comes next!" 💙

With much love and big virtual hugs, from Julie ❤️


Brilliant, Losha! Well done and a beautiful message from Jack. ❤️ Thank you for being so courageous in working on your emotions to be an even clearer channel. Love ya! DD


Wel done Losha!!! We are in the midst of great changes, it also means we have to let go of the familiar old. That is what you did, your first audio!!!


These comments are a good reminder to honor and protect the children, and to keep joy in our own lives. Yes, we are living in the midst of a struggle between Light and Dark forces, and a transition from an old civilization that has run its course, to a better one. But JFK reminds us to care for ourselves on the journey.

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