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JFK Message - The Love of Jesus, & our Challenging Emotions! (audio & text)

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I have to give great "thanks!" to one of our beloved Lightworkers who frequents this website...and, he happens to be a "radio broadcaster"! Well, long story short, Brian has offered to "edit" my very rudimentary audio JFK messages from now on, and make them sound AMAZING! What a wonderful "service" he brings to us all! So, I hope you all enjoy the pristine sounds that have been "created" by one of our own Lightworkers, here! Thank you, Brian! Please enjoy everyone!

Please click on "Listen in browser" for JFK's "audio" message:

April 15, 2021

John F. Kennedy “Live” Message - Transcribed

Welcome, welcome, welcome to all my beloved Patriots! This is JFK here, or Jack as many like to call me...and I am here to provide you a new message through my muse, Losha.

I would like to speak about the many different beliefs which are out there, right now. We’ve got the cabal with their beliefs which as we know are very evil and do no good at all...and then we’ve got the Christian side of things and then we’ve got people who are lightworkers but not necessarily Christians and then we’ve got a whole other plethora of beliefs that are out there, right now. However, what I would like to speak of is the commonality amongst most of these beliefs...other than the cabal’s.

Since I have been away from Earth life for more than 50 years now, I have been able to see the common areas in all these religious beliefs that are touted on earth. My muse likes to call a lot of the rules and regulations of the religions, “window dressing”. I understand that, and that is because a lot of the rules and regulations of different “religions”, are just that...they are trying to give you rules to live your lives by and these rules, for the most part, are not good for you. They are leading you astray, so to speak, because these rules, which are in every religion that is on Earth right now, have been made up by man.

There is Truth to the word of Jesus..there is truth to the personality of who Jesus was...however, much of the story of Jesus is false...and many of you probably already know this...but there are many that may not, and I am not trying to burst your bubble, or cause you grief or angst about these revelations that I am giving at this moment, but there are many untruths in the story of Jesus.

The biggest untruth is that Jesus died on the cross...this is not true. Even though the media can come up with all these “tv specials” that say there is a shroud of Turin and they found the cross that Jesus died is not true.

Jesus went on to live a full life but he did provide the “Beatitudes” that people talk about from the Bible...that is true...and that is what I would like people to focus on. The Beatitudes are examples of Love...and as what I have learned, Love is the biggest commonality for all religions. Everything comes back to, all those things that Jesus did where he was loving others...loving those who were “misfits”...loving those who were “unfit”...others who “didn’t deserve to be loved”...Jesus loved every one of them. That is what I would like everyone to remember about Jesus.

The rest...Jesus dying on the cross is a complete fabrication...and I would just like to state that none of you need to be forgiven of any “sin”...that is completely false. No one on soul, anywhere, is a sinner. Yes, you may do something that is not for “the Benefit of All” once in a while...we all have, as we have been living our lives...however, this does not mean you are a sinner, at all.

So, I would just like people who are Christians and who really believe Jesus died for their is not needed by be forgiven for you sins, because there is no sin. Yes, there is right and wrong, but there is no sin.

Jesus did not need to die for your sins...this was all made up by the cabal to cause your to feel “unworthy”...and it my opinion, it has worked for many, many years. Unworthiness, has been the single biggest emotional issue for every soul on Earth...every emotion that you feel, or every button that gets triggered within you when you react irrationally about all comes back to the basic tenet of not feeling worthy of receiving Love.

My Losha is experiencing this at this time...she is working on is a big challenge for every person who works on this. However, it can change your life once you realize how much you deserve Love!

Each one of you, my beloved Lightworkers and Patriots, deserves to be Loved, by yourself first, and by others, second. It is the biggest challenge that each of you have here on Earth, right now...and believe it or not, your daily challenges, your daily life, is “colored” by this very basic, emotional issue.

My Losha has just realized recently that she uses her illness and her brain injury, as a way of “sabotaging” herself. She uses it in a way so that she won’t have to do things that make her successful, because she doesn’t believe that she deserves to be successful. So, she thought that she just had a fear of success...she was brought up to not enjoy the “accolades” for doing something well. However, she is realizing that it goes much deeper than goes to not being worthy of being Loved. She is not able to Love herself enough to believe she deserves success.

I am just trying to point out that there are “layers” to our emotional issues...and we think we uncover one layer, such as her fear of success, but it actually goes much deeper that that. So I just encourage all of you, as you are living your lives, to just be aware of when your “buttons are being pushed” as they say, or to go even deeper, and try to find out “why” your buttons are being pushed.

It is difficult work, I understand...however, there are “healers” out there who can help you with that, and Losha is trying to provide you with “options” on her website as to who can help you with those situations.

I just wanted to bring these items up today...kind of a strange assortment of topics, however I feel they are very important topics...and I am going to be speaking more and more about the “individual” and how the individual is so important to the “collective”.

The collective is the one that will allow our positive future to come forward, so we all need to each do our own individual work on ourselves in order to help our very positive future, come to fruition.

I know it is challenging but you’ve got spirit guides who are always here to help you in any moment of your life. They will give you “signs” and guidance in your mind, and even visually you will see signs that they are here to help you, and guide you.

You are not alone...I hope you all know this by now. You are never alone...there are so many beings and your spirit family who have crossed over...they are always with you, too.

So, please know that you are Loved, and you are watched over, by myself and by many others who Love you. At this time, I am going to sign off and say that I hope this message was helpful to you, and I Love each and every one of you, so very deeply.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled live by Losha.

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3 bình luận

This is a bold message from JFK, outside the expected channel of political matters, but why wouldn't he have a perspective to share on this spiritual subject of vital interest? If vicarious atonement for our sins to appease His angry Father and save our unworthy souls, through no merits of our own, was not the purpose of the life of Jesus, then is left of the Christian message? The gift of His teachings and example of living and His Ascension, an achievement to which we might all aspire.


Very helpful message, I also struggle with unworthiness. Your voice and the sound is great, SiStar!!😘 Congratulations!!

P.S. I also agree with Jack about the story of Jesus; Sananda told me that the story we have been told is mostly not true.


Wow Losha that was great!!! In such a short time you have really learned how to come forward, amazing! I know what you mean with these emotions, they really are a challenge at this moment!

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