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Hold the Line, Patriots!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

December 21, 2020

Message from John F. Kennedy

Oh, very happy I am to be able to communicate with all of you loving, courageous, persistent, and emboldened Patriots again!

Yes, as you can hear in my tone of voice, I am very excited to speak with you at this particular moment in time.

First, let me say regarding “moments in time”...that you all are living in one of the most spectacular moments in time, right now! I realize that to many of you, my muse included, it may not feel very spectacular in your current reality...but allow me to give you a reason or two why it is so, please.

First, “our” Republic, which has been usurped from us for many decades now, is finally being restored to its rightful place! Our “new” Republic is also restoring our Sovereignty as a nation!...and that is a wonderful blessing toward which I was steadfastly working, before my demise. So, it is truly joyous for me to see this happening now...although the “Truth” is still “behind the scenes” until all the dark ones have been “silenced” for good...and that is happening now also, in a variety of ways and methods.

Let me say that some of the dark operators have actually seen the Light and are now helping the Alliance and President Trump to carry out the Plan and are working alongside our Light ones. For that, I am truly grateful!

In regards to the Plan, let me say that there is one particular fellow who bears my own name, and who is also very integral in helping the Alliance to achieve victory...and I couldn’t be prouder of him! Semper Fi!

As you have been reading from your Truth sources, this is a very critical moment in time. Prayers are requested for all those on the front line in this battle for not only America, but for the soul of our World, as well. I would especially include President Trump and his family; all of the extremely hard-working and dedicated lawyers and staff working on the plethora of lawsuits to bring about justice for the 2020 Election; and all of the new “alternative” media sites and video broadcasters (including all the wonderful Anons and Tweet’ers!) who are risking much to try and disseminate the Truth through the maze which is the Main Stream Media, where they are beginning to see the Light...of the repercussions for all of their nefarious deeds. There will be Justice, indeed!

Now, all of you know by now that there IS a Plan for taking back our country. Unfortunately, it is taking longer to achieve than many of you have envisioned, and that causes great distress for you, and for that, I apologize. When I was President, I was working diligently to try and begin the process of eliminating all of the entrenched dark ones, however I realized right before my end, that this effort was going to take a very long time, and require many resources and battles, before we saw real victory.

To that end, I began the secret group that has become known as QAnon, and it has grown from there. I am so very proud of all those who have so fiercely dedicated their entire lifetimes toward regaining our Republic and our Sovereignty, and so very sad that so many have had to give their lives for it.

As you have heard many in our circle say, this is not a game...this is not about democrat or republican “parties”. It hurts me to have to say this, but this is about Good vs. is that important and critical!

I try not to dwell on the negative aspects of any problem, but in this case I feel that this needs to be said, albeit briefly.

The reason that the Alliance is moving so slowly it seems, in getting the Truth out to the “unawakened” population, is because some of the acts which have been committed against “us” are so heinous and downright evil, that the unawakened souls would not be able to handle hearing it, let alone believe it had truly happened.

So, the Plan is being enacted slowly, with the less vicious deeds being exposed first...then slowly, the more extreme acts will be brought to light, albeit a small percentage of its true totality.

As I am saying in a roundabout way, this Plan is very complex, meticulous, ever-changing, and dreadfully long regarding its completion...but when completed, and Victory of the Light is achieved, it will be a glorious day, indeed!

We are through most of the challenging times, with just a little more time required, and possibly a little more trial and tribulation needing to happen, to achieve the final result...which is our Constitution-based Republic and individual Sovereignty for All!

I hope that my message today was as much a message of Hope as it was about the “other” topics, because I truly want to mostly inspire with these receive enough of the other, in your current events! I did feel though, that I needed to provide some explanation as to the Plan and its details...oh, and my beloved son! (big smile)

I send you all so much Love from Above! I truly am watching over each of you, and I am also assisting as much as I can toward achieving the Plan, as it is so very important to me. I love you all.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Note...when I began searching for an image to post for this message, JFK picked this one...because it was the last one taken with his son, before his death. Bless you, JFK. Losha.

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Dec 24, 2020

Oscar...those are all wonderful reflections by you! Thank you. I am sure your reality of seeing JFK Jr. will come true, when it is time! Blessings to you! Losha.


Beloved Great One!

This picture reflects the LIFEBOAT of LOVE. The Bell of WWG1WGA.

President Washington on a boat across the Delaware.

The resurrection of TITANIC.


The boat represents so much in the sublime.

Your words were. very comforting.

It's December with the planets creating a new beginning of life for all to see.

I hope you show up in my dream state or in a conversation soon.

You are like a father & a brother in the same breadth. I sometimes wonder if we had been family members in our past journeys.

Sometimes I feel I will be running into your son very soon. Maybe you can assist with that. My heart already feels the expansion of that…

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