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"Be Love"

A channeled Pleiadian Collective "Spirit Blessing"...

We are calling these designs Spirit Blessings now because they are filled with the Spirit of the Creator, and they Bless all who look upon it. 💜

This Spirit Blessing is called "Be Love"...

Their message is this...

"We believe you all know how to love...but do you know how to "Be Love"?

Being Love means to embody Love in everything you do...whether it is washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, or creating a masterpiece. 💜

We lovingly encourage you to trace this Spirit Blessing while receiving the beautiful energy which will help you to "Be Love".

We send you all of our Love...The Pleiadian Collective." 💜

Channeled by Losha.

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1 Comment

Dear Losha and the Pleiadian Colective, thank you for this great gift this beautiful Spiritual blessing from our Creator. Be Love!

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