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Apr 07, 2021
In My Story
Losha, thank you for allowing me to share. I will be as brief as possible, glancing over my various chapters. In the spring of 1994 I began a sort of immersion into the ethereal I'd never experienced, eg, too many coincidences, not least with the appearance of symbols, phrases, and numbers 7, 26, and 34, especially, and my birthday is 7/7/67 which I was always somewhat spiritual about (raised Catholic believer). I began to sense a oneness, so I bugged God for an explanation...starting with What Do the Numbers Mean?? "Okay, tough guy!" I was driving in the fast lane of a packed, speeding group of cars on Interstate 40 in St. Louis (notoriously aggressive). Note that I had been a competitive race driver, karts etc. Out of nowhere, four cars ahead slams on his breaks for no reason. The two cars directly behind immediately swerved and almost crashed, while the guy ahead of me--now just behind the stopped culprit--locked up and barely stopped. I was able to stop safely quickly because of my training, plus I had a nimble Acura with manual transmission. Just then I look in my rear view mirror to see a Jeep Grand Cherokee getting bigger, sideways. I intuitively [yeah, right] found a gear and moved to the left onto the shoulder lane. The Cherokee stopped inches away from the car that had been in front of me with the driver and passenger facing me. They looked at me as if they saw a too. I looked down and my odometer read 77,777.7. I pulled over at the next exit still in a bit of shock and the first display at the entry of the gas station had license plates that said "God is my co-pilot". Point taken. Uncle. Shortly after on 6/17/94, the Emperor of Japan visited the St. Louis Arch Riverfront, and a Japanese man interviewed that morning on the NBC local news said, "I know if I am at the Arch today, I will go to Heaven." Okay, I'll resonated greatly. The day was surreal, almost like a treasure hunt, and I ended up at the Old Cathedral, by myself, and a homeless guy came it asking for money. Honestly it felt like a cosmic candid camera, so I gave him everything I had, not knowing how I would make it home (that's how this program works sometimes, apparently). I had been very worried about OJ Simpson, and as the guy left, I said "Come back", although I wasn't really saying it to him, if I may: I was speaking the words toward OJ Simpson since he had fled that morning. The guy stopped, acting stunned, and said... "I think a miracle just happened here". I can't know, but that evening got weird, for sure. In 1999 I was a business leader in Enterprise-class Internet commerce and was recruited by people I won't name, but all of you know their work, I'm sure. They had the potential of building an Amazon Web Services (AWS) - like model using $100M from an agency you'd all recognize...and I was to write the business plan. In my months-long deep dive to become the next Ross Perot / Bill Gates gazillionaire, it became evident even back then that: 1) those who ran IT as a utility could turn off users--or the whole thing--anytime they wanted; 2) the only upside to binary tabulator networks is the ability to disseminate info [see #1], otherwise it is a barrier [read: prison] to our trinary construct and our ability to commune by, with, and through the Holy Spirit as designed. So I quit...they weren't happy. Try explaining to a layperson in 2000 that "computers" are "bad" because we're trinary. It didn't go well for me. In 2016 I began a multi-thousand hour dive into Neville Goddard. Briefly, he filled in the parts of The Law that were missing from the Bible and, more important, spoke of The Promise to eventually be delivered from this terrestrial world of death, ie, "die" for the last time before truly advancing. I didn't accept this. I had gathered that this soul recycling/ restoration/ reincarnation system was being used in bad faith...this upset me, if true. I suspect this construct may have been disabled since then, but I can't know for sure yet. Bottom line, throughout each of these timeframes, I was CERTAIN that a great war between good and evil was being played out, and each time I believed there would be a positive resolution. There wasn't. There was only persecution and worse from family and friends to whom I tried to explain. It would take me a while to find "normal", and I swore each time, like a bad hangover, that I would never, ever fall for some crazy notions that everything is connected and we are all locked in a battle of Good vs. Evil. And then I started studying Q in late November. Aaaarrgh!!! While many are impatient and new to Godly games, I am not...for good or bad. I just have to constantly force myself to validate until this is all made public. Wanna talk about getting the last laugh? Until this current declass flood, I had not had the benefit of memes and articles to illustrate this, let alone prove it. I just...knew. Each episode felt like a movie. Now, I have cried wolf so many times nobody wants to hear a word from me about Q or otherwise. The fact that it is likely coming to Righteous resolution is a feeling I cannot describe. Thank you again for letting me share. All the best. Mike
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