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Cities of Light - and Healing Technologies!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

December 22, 2020

Cities of Light - and Healing Technologies!

As I browsed the number of “visits” to my various blog posts/topics, it was easy to notice that there was an overwhelming desire from you readers to hear about “positive” topics, such as the Med Beds, and all of our other upcoming advanced technologies, healing and otherwise.

So, I thought I would write about that next!

Actually, to provide full disclosure here, I will be primarily quoting the words of an author of a fabulous book...her name is Genii Townsend...and her book is 400 pages long! It is full of inspiring thoughts and descriptions of healing technologies which will be coming for all of us! I pick up her book whenever I am feeling down by the current events...and it always uplifts me! I will post a link below for her book, in case anyone is interested.

Just to provide a little background information on the Cities of Light...around the 2010 time period, there were lots of channeled messages regarding several “Cities of Light” that were to appear, as if out of nowhere. They were said to be a “city” which housed various advanced healing technologies. I loved reading about them at the time, but eventually the messages kind of slowed to a stop, because the timeframes that were given by the various channelers, were not coming true. Now, I truly believe that there should be no blame put upon the channelers for the missed timeframes...rather, there are so many different “branches” off of our Earth timeline (or even different timelines, completely!), that I have learned through my own channeling efforts, it is very easy to get a “date” wrong. There have even been “discussions” among the channelers and the beings coming through who have provided the dates, as to the frequent “Sorry!” responses when a timeframe given, does not has been a running inside joke for some time, now! LOL

Well, back to the Cities of Light...I have recently been seeing some newer messages circulating about them, so I believe we are truly getting much closer to them appearing here on Earth.

Since I would just rather move on at this time to the various healing technologies that will be in the Cities of Light, I will also provide some links below if you would like to learn more about the Cities of Light, in general., a few years ago, I discovered Genii Townsend. She had developed a strong connection to the “City of Light” that is to appear in Sedona, Arizona. There are approximately 13-14 Cities of Light scheduled to appear at various locations all over the world!

Since Genii’s descriptions of these healing wonders are so beautiful, at this time, I would just like to quote her own words regarding some of her visits (while in meditation), from her book, “Something’s Coming! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing!” Just a general note here...Genii met her “guide”, La-Luke early on, and he is the one who is showing her the extraordinary sights!

At the beginning of her book, Genii writes…

“Just Imagine

  • Entering a place of such beauty that it makes you an instant believer that anything is possible, like entering a five-story high Gate that is encoded with your personal beliefs that make you feel like you just came home.

  • Experiencing healing techniques in Light Modules where no drugs, knives, or needles can sever the body’s electrical lines.

  • Entering a “Memory Manor” building where you can release past memory hurts with no emotion attached.

  • Standing by a Fountain of Light that makes you feel great, and sitting on benches that massage your body.

  • Taking a dip in a healing pool that can clear skin conditions.

  • Being able to balance your emotions in an Empowerment Emporium.

  • Seeing babies being born in a Birth-aterium, laughing with the mother who had no anesthesia, no pain and the only crying would be for the pure joy of the experience.

  • Entering a stadium-sized building called The Embassy of Peace Headquarters where Light Beings from the Universe gather to help bring Peace on this Earth.

Is Any Of This Possible?

It’s Not Only Possible...But Probable!”

First up!...

The Energy Park

“The first thing I saw as I passed through the entry Gate, was a park-like setting. There were resting places I assumed were benches, yet they looked different. They seemed to be alive with a relaxing vibratory effect of some sort within them. There was a walkway that also seemed to vibrate, making my feet feel very comfortable and walking was quite enjoyable.

“The grass was shades of green from dark to light making a wavy kind of pattern on the ground that seemed to rest my eyes. There were flowers but none I could identify. The colors were exquisite and the fragrances blended into an aroma that could be intoxicating in their relaxing effect.

“The trees also had blossoms of some unknown kind and darting within the branches were very colorful tiny little birds, also indefinable. They did not chirp but had a humming sound that made me feel that nothing else mattered. I was at home. It looked like a very large park and I could see a small waterfall nearby that had pink water. Maybe it had a light under it.

“There was an unseen frequency felt as soon as I entered, which quite balanced my nervous system. I just wandered alone for a bit. “Over-hanging trees like willows covered whatever was beyond it. At that time, La-Luke appeared and was ready to escort me to the next wonder!

Next is the…

Empowerment Emporium

“La-Luke walked me through the Park of the Relaxation Massage Benches to yet another path of exploration. We walked to a garden-type lattice-covered tunnel that smelled heavenly, with tiny white blossoms reaching out to give one much sensual pleasure.

“As we came to the end, there in front of us was a white building with golden spires that were several stories high. At the doorway in welcome were two semi-transparent entities that I refer to as “see-throughs.” They assisted in this spirit/human experience. Interestingly, as we stepped inside, the floor seemed to move gently like it had a life of its own.

La-Luke said, “This is an Emotional Balancing Building. You use the word “emporium”. This could be considered an Emotional Emporium.

“As each person enters, the colors that the person needs are attached to them. This is to verify that their power centers are balanced.

“Remember what was told to you eons ago of the colors/fragrances etc. of each of the body power centers? Here one can experience this. As the colors and Lights activate the body senses, they can give a major report of those functions, and they can be experienced in this City.”

“So here it was, gentle movement of the floor massaging the feet (for we had left our shoes outside) and beautiful colors floating around us inviting us to accept the balancing of these Power Center chakras. In this building, if anything was not functioning energy-wise it was put to rest, for in balancing, one felt euphoric and totally healthy.

“The balancing tunnel brought out the best of me, since I now felt balanced. I should add that inside, screens of some sort showed which chakras needed the balancing, and the colors changed to permit this to happen. So then it was a carousel of color that balanced the power centers, thus lifting the person’s emotional and spiritual senses to a heightened degree and a feeling of happiness and joy was experienced, including being totally relaxed.

“One could also take a mental area (of any different concern) to be washed out in this emotional emporium. Thus, be it love needed, that chakra now felt that. If fear release was desired, that too, was completed. Any mental area could be taken care of...if one had a worry when they went in and through this building, it was cleared out from the subconscious. It was amazing to see and feel the power centers being cleared.

“The Emotional Empowerment Emporium was ready to be entered into, and after we exited the flower-covered bridge-like exterior, we entered into the Emporium itself where in a circular mall-type setting, there were many spaces or rooms which were available to give what that person now desired, with no reservations.

“If one desired more love, they stepped inside and got it through feeling and heart. If one desired more fun, another room provided that, etc. Wishes were granted.

“The emotional charges of unbalance were not sensed any longer. One would literally come out a happy, balanced person.

Emporium Empowerment - How great is this?


Next up…

The Birth-aterium!

So one of my all-time favorite places in the City of Light that Genii described, was called the Birth-aterium. In Genii’s own words…”We walked across a small bridge where tiny fish that looked like dolphins leapt out and then ducked under in play...then, I saw a large building that was nearly circular in design, with a door you could (it seemed) melt through. And we did. Wow.

“The interior was like a very big center hotel lobby with plants and flowers and water falling into various pools, where swans swam and the whole area was lit from the skylight. There were women dressed in sheer pastel rainbow colors in attendance who smiled at us.

“We walked into a corridor leading away from this beautiful center so clean and filled with the aroma of spring flowers in bloom. Then we took a slight turn and up a few steps to a viewing center to look down into the “Birthing Pod” as it was referred to. Three ladies were in a natural birthing process. They lay on floatation beds. The Pod Light was mesmerizing in its soft brilliance. It was quickly seen that other than the birthing mother, there were woman attendants dressed in white, and this soft Light which seemed to come from the women’s auras...nothing else was seen.

“There was no hospital paraphernalia and this was a peaceful place of joy. No screaming, orders to “push”, no pushing, no profanity or any of the hard labor we go through on Earth. It was delightfully amazing and what a surprise to witness this new beginning. The babies were born in Light and Love and just floated out in this world, laughing and gurgling. The mothers were having a “birthing party” - imagine that! The babies were born already happy to be here and take their first breath.

“As each baby was delivered, a different sound was heard. Each one had their own tone. I watched the colored auras around the attendants change as each baby arrived. This indeed was the way babies should be able to come into the world - easily and effortlessly and with no physical problems. Just pure and happy to be here!”

Well...I think for a first pass, those three topics provide plenty of examples of City of Light healing technology that is coming up for us. There are a few more I can post about, if there is enough interest from you, my readers.

So, at this time, I would like to encourage feedback from you, as to what you thought about the topics covered in this post, and if you would like to hear more from Genii’s wonderful book. There is much in her book that I find interesting, but it is up to you. You can contact me at

I realize that many of you might now go to the link provided below and just purchase Genii’s book for yourselves, and that is great...I encourage you to do that...however, I thought many might not have known about Genii’s book, or even the Cities of Light...that is why I wanted to at least bring the topic to the forefront, and why I basically copied the words from Genii’s book (making sure I always give proper credit!).

I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post that I am providing here, and I hope you find the topic as uplifting as I do!

Blessings to you all! Love, Losha.


Genii Townsend’s Book “Something’s Coming!

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If you are interested in Cities of Light please visit my Facebook page Emergence of Cities of Light:

There are a few types of Cities of Light - the Inner Earth 5D Cities of Light, the etheric Cities of Light, the Planetary Cities of Light (PCOL) and the Galactic Cities of Light.

My focus is on the PCOL, as I am a member of Group of Forty (GOF), a worldwide organization of starseeds and planetary healers.

GOF has downloaded over 100 Planetary Cities of Light under the guidance of the Arcturians:

You might be living in one of them.

Love, Ariana


nathalie lapointe
nathalie lapointe
20 de fev. de 2021

How i can contact the person to try medbed please thank you 😊


nathalie lapointe
nathalie lapointe
20 de fev. de 2021

How can i have an apointment tp try the medbed? Thank you have a nice day


Thanks for the direct quotations. Incredible beauty, especially the birthing center. I heard about Genii’s book earlier but did’nt Buy it. My mistake! Spiritual teachers are telling us that we can’t help bring in the new world by just criticizing what is wrong. We need a positive visions dream about.


Losha, how can I contact you, your contact link doesn't work in my pc :)

My email is

Thank you and blessings, Maria

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