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Channeled Readings

I would love to do a Life Wisdom reading for you!

I have communicated with many different beings...Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactics...even Sananda and Mother/Father God!

I specialize in doing readings for those who are looking for "Life" guidance...this can include spiritual advice, guidance regarding your "life path", and any other spiritual questions you might have. 

I am unable to "predict" anything given how flexible timelines are in our lives, now.

I will say, that my readings seem to be a bit deeper than some others' readings. They are always positive and loving overall, however there can end up being be some emotional topics addressed, at times.

My primary intention when doing the readings however, is that it come from Love, first and foremost!

At this time, due to some health issues I have, I usually obtain the information for the reading from the client, then I conduct the reading by myself at home, while writing down everything that is said by the one(s) with whom I am connecting.   I then send the written document to the client's email.

If you are interested in a reading, please do the following:

-  Click on "Store" above

-  Click on "Personal Reading"

-  Click on "Add to Cart"

-  Check Out and Pay.

After purchasing your reading, please provide the following in an email to me at  Thank you.


  • Your Full Name

  • Picture of yourself

  • Paragraph explaining what you are hoping to receive (i.e., a general reading from your guides, and any other benevolent beings who join in...or, you have specific questions, no more than 5 questions, for your guides)

I will then reply to confirm I received the reading request and I will give you a date when I will send you the reading.

Please read the Testimonials for an idea of how the readings have helped the recipients in a variety of ways!

Blessings to all!   Love, Losha.

Personal Reading:  $65  USD

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