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"The Children" Speak...

June 5, 2021

Message from The Children

“The Children” Speak…

Welcome to all who read this message...we currently exist in the higher realms and we are the collective of “children” who have crossed over after being tortured, killed, raped, and sacrificed...throughout the last several millennia. Yes, that is how long these heinous acts have been happening to “us.”

We have asked Losha to speak for us she is also one of us, because she had the same horrific acts exacted upon her in several earlier lifetimes...that is why she is “hearing” us now.

We have asked Losha to carry our words to as many as will hear them and we appreciate all who do hear us.

We are fairly certain that those who will be reading these words are already familiar with the many tragic “acts” which have been perpetrated upon us, and our brothers and sisters, before us. Hence, we will not go into great detail at this time regarding those acts.

What we would like to address however, is how deeply these acts have affected us...and how long this treachery can reside within the human soul.

Losha recently discovered she has experienced several lifetimes as one of these “children”...primarily during the 1600’s - 1800’s, time period. As such, she also discovered how those past lives of such tragic consequences have so extensively affected this current lifetime in which she currently lives. The biggest area which was affected in this lifetime were her feelings of unworthiness. It has also shown itself by way of Losha trying to “control” everything in her life...because she felt she had “no control” during those challenging times from her past. Hence, it requires much emotional healing work to learn to forgive all those involved and to move forward in one's life.

There are many, many Lightworkers whom have agreed to “life contracts” throughout their time on Earth which put them in harm’s way, via the method of torture, rape, and sacrifice. The reason for agreeing to experience these horrendous events is because all Lightworkers must undergo as many diverse emotional aspects while living on Earth as possible...and that includes circumstances involving people who have in fact, sold their soul to the dark side. This then allows the Lightworker to learn about forgiveness...both for themselves, which is the most essential aspect of their journey, and to also learn to forgive their “transgressors.” While they are learning to forgive, they are preparing themselves to help and assist others, to learn to forgive, also.

There are still many Lightworkers who have yet to realize they have also personally lived these lives of tragedy as young children during their previous lifetimes. Even though it may have occurred several hundred years ago, it still feels as vivid to the soul, as if it had just happened yesterday...however, it is also hugely challenging for one to initially “remember” due to its horrific nature.

There are many of you beloved Lightworkers who have “assisted” us in the recent past during your sleep-time, to rescue all of the children who were still Earth-bound, and in very “dark” places, both literally and figuratively. We are still continuing to provide our assistance in any way we can so we may bring home every last one of these beautiful children, so they might begin their healing process.

Every soul who has lived through these horrific circumstances, throughout time on Earth, becomes a literal “beacon” of Light, for all the other children to “see” and help guide them to safety. To all of you who have helped in this process throughout millennia, we send you our most heartfelt Gratitude and Love. We could not have done it without you.

We still have more areas on Earth to attend to and we are continuing to join all the brave military men and women who are sacrificing their very lives by going down into these “dens of iniquity”...and helping to bring as many beautiful souls back as possible. After being involved in such excruciating circumstances, these military personnel also require healing for themselves because the normal human conscience was not equipped to process such horrendous acts and situations.

We understand that our message here today was not a “light” one, however we wanted to bring a few insights to the surface, so more souls might better understand the true and tragic plight of “the children.”

We thank you for your time and for allowing us to speak with you today. We send each of you the Love of our Creator, Unconditionally.

The Children.

Channeled by Losha.

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Maryann Mack
Maryann Mack
Sep 10, 2021

I believe I am resonating with this message Losha. I am connected to this situation. In this lifetime someone tried to snatch me while i was waiting for the school bus but I would not take his hand. It was on an open road and if I took his hand that may have been the end of me. Then in my early adult life I found out after hemorrhaging I am a DES Daughter and I lost my first baby at 6 mo term. I lost 3 more pregnancies early on. I have no children but I have been seriously effected when ever a child goes missing. Before going to work and if seeing a missing child on the news…

Sep 10, 2021
Replying to have certainly been intensely "prepared" for whatever gifts of service you are to bring to our world!...and as my Pop said, our world will be much better for it...I can't wait to see what wonders you will bring to all the beautiful children, Maryann! Keep the faith...and may you be Infinitely Blessed, dear one! 💜 Losha.


Thank you for letting share their voice. This ongoing abuse is a cancer at the heart of our political system. Our society will not be free of violence until children are protected and honored.


Thank you so much for sharing this insightful message with us. Eternal gratitude and love to you and the childre! 🙏🏽💜💜💜😊


Amazing piece from the children.

Stunning actually.

Still scratching my head as to why anyone would choose a life of torture.

Oh it soul growth they say, you have to experience it so you know both sides.


My soul does not have to go through this experience.

Its intelligent enough to pick up the collective consciousness of the children

and absorb the wisdom of their ugly experience into itself.

Just like God does

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